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[ENG] 2.7.2017 MBC Video Star – Shindong Could Not Keep Up With Lee Seunggi’s ‘Beast-Gi Wellness Workout’

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February 7, 2017 – [MBC every1] Video Star
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

[Shindong’s Report: Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi has transformed into Beast-Gi?!]

Host: I heard Lee Seunggi went to the army and became Beast-Gi.  What is Beast-Gi?!

(note: In Korean, jim-seung (짐승) means beast. And seung-gi (승기) is how you spell Seunggi’s name. So jim-seung-gi (짐승기) is a wordplay to mean Seunggi is now Beast-Gi. ^^)

S: Lee Seunggi is currently serving in the Special Forces. Typically, for Special Forces, in the morning, they do 5km for 2 days and 10km for 2 days. A run. They call it the bicep run with their shirts off.  And this friend has totally fallen into working out. 

S: All of a sudden, he mentioned to me~ ‘Hyung, you can’t remain like that. You have to exercise. I’ll create a program for you.’ So one day, he considered this and that, calculating the different exercises he’d done. He said he created a Wellness Workout with Beast-Gi program, and to follow him. He was like 1~ 2~ 3~4~ follow me!

Host: He had created it?!

S: He had made all this all up!

Host: Daebak!

S: But then he was like that for 1.5 hours! Like this like this~ doing this and that, lifting weights! And then he brought out these bands and kept going like this like this! omg I did it one day and threw up. I just could not do it. But man he would just keep going.

Hosts: He must have built up a lot muscle!

S: I haven’t seen him recently, but later on, it’s going to be crazy.

Hosts: So Lee Seunggi, it’s not that much longer until he’s discharged from the army…?

S: Ahhh it’s still a long time away!  Lee Seunggi will be discharged in October.

[Beast-Gi~ see you in 8 months~♡]

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