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[ENG] 1.26.2017 MBC FM4U – Sungmin’s Mom Asked Him A Lot About Army-Serving Lee Seunggi

Read English translation…
Seunggi mention excerpt at 34.05~34:53.

January 26, 2017 FM4U
English: LSGfan, Video: 끝나지않을 언제나,

[Since it was holiday time and the guests spent time with family, MC asked them who their family members would inquire about since they work in the entertainment industry]

MC:  How about you Sungmin? Who do they inquire a lot about to you? Like your nephews/nieces?

S: Nephews/nieces? I don’t have any nephews/nieces yet.

MC: Ahh you don’t have any yet. Well then, how about your mom?

S: From my mom? For me, I was in the army… she’d ask a lot about Seunggi-shi~

MC: Lee Seunggi-shi ahhhhh right~~~ really, Shindong too, would talk so much about Lee Seunggi!

S: We were together very briefly…  ahh it was really fun befriending Lee Seunggi.

MC: You all must of really gotten close to him. Really, like everyone would talk about Lee Seunggi, I was totally surprised!

K: I saw a photo of him too. Lee Seunggi sunbae-nim in army life… he seemed so cool in the photo.

MC: I heard from a lot of people that he has a very easy-going nature about him.

S: Yes, that’s right.

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  1. Dear Ann, thank you so much for the translation!

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