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[ENG] 1.22.2017 MBC Section TV – Singers Achieving Great Success as Actors, ‘Original’ Singer-Actor Star Lee Seunggi

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January 22, 2017 MBC Section TV – Lee Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

M1: The trend these days is singer and actor… there’s no boundary line.

M2: To the extent that TV viewers in their 50s and 60s could say, ‘what, they were singers?!’~ They are already actors. These are people who are more recognizable in that way.

[Starting as singers! Stars achieving great success as actors!]

M1: These are stars who have achieved great success as actors.

F1: We could call him the ‘Original’~ Lee Seunggi.

[Strong in music, strong in TV viewership ratings~ Lee Seunggi].

F1: Since his debut start, Lee Seunggi was successful as a singer and during the same time, he appeared in drama.

[2004 ‘Because You’re My Woman’ debut]

F1: Around the same time he debuted as a singer in 2004, he participated in ‘Nonstop 5’ and I think this was really smart. There was already an image about him early on… model student, relaxed nature image.  And this image carried over with him into drama.

[Nation’s Younger Brother image carried over to his acting]

M1: You mean in ‘Nonstop 5?’ I was in ‘Nonstop 5’ too!

F1: Lee Seunggi then appeared in a weekend drama ‘Famous Princesses.

[After debuting as a singer, he began to full-fledged be involved in acting]

F1: He played a character who felt familiar/close, and received a lot of love from a lot of ajummas.

[2006 drama ‘Famous Princesses’ received a lot of love].

F1: Then after that, he appeared in weekend drama ‘Brilliant Legacy.’

[Passion for acting continues]

F1: He played the lead role together with Han Hyojoo.

[First lead role in 2009 drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’!]

F1: ‘Brilliant Legacy’s’ highest TV viewership rating reached 47.1%.

[Highest TV viewership rating was 47.1%]

F1: This kind of rating is really not an easy thing.

M1: That is truly brilliant!

F1: Then after that, there was ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘The King 2 Hearts.

[Afterward, appearing in ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘The King 2 Hearts’] 

F1: Confirming that he was indeed MBC’s son!

[MBC’s Son]

F1: And he has gone to the army.

[Salute/Loyalty! Lee Seunggi is currently serving in the army]

M1: Lee Seunggi should be returning soon?!

M2: October. He’ll be returning this October.

[Scheduled to be discharged from the army, this October 2017!]

Excited about Seunggi returning this October!

Really hard to believe it will have been close to 2 years!

Not just fans, but industry insiders continue to anticipate his return to drama, singing, and variety.  Seunggi really has that going for him~ love from fans is great, but doesn’t last forever.  But favor and likeability from the general public, and of course talent(!) goes a long way.

Hope our Seunggi is staying healthy, happy, and warm this winter in the army♡

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  1. Hello, this is my first comment here. I love reading this site. You give us many information about LSG and HHJ. Thank you so much. I’m a fan of them.

    Can you help me? I have been trying to find Ya Shi Man Man Season 2 where all Brilliant Legacy casts came to this variety. I had the full video before my notebook crashed. Now, i’m dying to watch it again. Youtube has deleted it. Someone uploaded it before on Forum Soompi, but it’s deleted. I hope you can give me the link or upload it. Thanks

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