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[ENG] 1.14.2017 MBC – #1 Most Anticipated Star to be Discharged from the Army… and Movie ‘GoongHap’ Release Expected When Lee Seunggi Returns

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January 14, 2017 MBC Entertainment Today – Lee Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Among the entertainers scheduled to be discharged from military service this year, the most eagerly anticipated person selected at #1 was singer and actor Lee Seunggi.

Also, yesterday, there was a lot of buzz when the words “Lee Seunggi these days” along with a photo of him surfaced on an online community.

With a mic in his hand and laughing brightly, Lee Seunggi~! Seems like he’s even enjoying and making the best of military life, right?

Lee Seunggi who will be discharged from the army this October…  it appears that we will get to meet him first through the screen.

The movie GoongHap, which he filmed with Shim Eunkyung prior to enlisting, is expected to be released to match the time period of Lee Seunggi’s discharge from the army.

I think it became pretty clear early on after Seunggi enlisted that it would be hard for CJ to promote GoongHap with their main actor away from the entertainment world and serving in the army.

Seunggi filmed the movie fall/winter 2015.  This means the movie should be released 2 years later, around the same time fall/winter but in 2017.  It’ll be interesting to see something Seunggi acted in and filmed 2 years prior to the showing.

Since ‘GoongHap is a period piece (sageuk genre) it probably made the decision of delaying the movie release a lot easier.  They don’t have to worry about the movie feeling dated.

October 2017 (10 months!) seems far away… yet at the same time, I can’t believe we’re approach Seunggi’s first full year in the military!  In some ways, time seems to have gone by quickly.  Well, moreso now.  When he first enlisted, seemed like forever lol.


#1 Most Anticipated Male Star Who’ll be Discharged in 2017: Lee Seung Gi

Among all the male celebrities who’ll be discharged this year, whose activities after discharge are you most highly anticipating?

An online research firm PMI conducted this survey using Tillion Panel among 2000 men & women in their 20s to 50s, Lee Seung Gi who’s to be discharged in October gained attention by taking the lead with 49.1% of the votes.

With one out of every two survey respondents choosing Lee Seung Gi, the collective anticipation for Lee Seung Gi’s return is overwhelming.

Females (53.4%) show a higher level of anticipation than males (44.2%) for Lee Seung Gi’s discharge, and the preference for him increases with respondents’ age (20s 39.1%, 30s 46.9%, 40s 51.5%, 50s 53.8%).

#2 ChoiSW 9.5% of the votes
#3 ParkJB 6.2%
#4 UKnowYH 5.9%
#5 ParkYC 4.0%

source: donga via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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