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[ENG] 1.3.2017 KBS Entertainment Notebook – Stars to be Discharged This Year… Multi-Entertainer Lee Seunggi

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January 3, 2017 KBS Entertainment Notebook – Lee Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

If you’re a Korean man, you must surely fulfill your national defense/military duty.  Stars too can’t be exempt from this, right? From stars who were recently discharged to even those who will be enlisting, let’s check out the 2017 star army log news.

[Lee Seunggi returns and Big Bang Top leaves! 2017 star army log]

However, if there are stars who will return, there are stars who will leave.

Seunggi: I will finish well and return!

[Clip from 2.1.2016 Nonsan Military Training Center. Lee Seunggi, scheduled to discharge this October!]

The Man with the Beautiful Smile! Noonas’ ideal type~ Lee Seunggi is scheduled to be discharged from the military this October!

Sugeun: He’s completely become a real man. For now, his skin has a bronze tint.

Debuting as a singer, but also distinguishing himself through acting and variety~ Lee Seunggi!

[Principally a singer of course, but even acting and variety. Multi-entertainer Lee Seunggi]

While there has been cautious forecasting, as expected, regarding his return to what you could call his variety family ‘1 Night 2 Days’…

[After being discharged, there’s heavy interest as to whether he’ll return to ‘1 Night 2 Days’]

we are first awaiting news on the release of the movie he filmed prior to military enlistment.

[Filmed prior to enlisting, the movie ‘Goong Hap’ is scheduled to be released this year]

Shim Eunkyung plays the role of a princess who refuses marriage arranged by the royal court and Lee Seunggi plays the role of Seo Doyoon, the top-notch best marital compatibility fortune reader~  it is a story about the perfect destiny between these two.


Full clip on stars who will be discharged this year.
Seunggi cut at 3:14~3:57.
He’s really unique among those being discharged this year^^
Lee Seunggi in the mix with the others is def a gift to the other agencies.

video: KBS NEWS

One Response

  1. After being discharged, there’s heavy interest as to whether he’ll return to ‘1 Night 2 Days’

    So KBS want to recruit him to join Season 3 1n2d or just as a guest?

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