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[ENG] 12.18.2016 1N2D – Kim Jongmin Wins Bok-bul-bok Game with Gift Shoes from ‘Seunggi-yaaaa’

‘Seunggi-yaaa’ cut at 17:58~ Read English translation…

December 18, 2016 KBS 1N2D – ‘Seunggi-yaaaa’ Cut
English: LSGfan, Video: Videob5

(Seunggi-yaaaaa excerpt:  17:58 ~ 18:33.  Lunch Bok-bul-bok game is ‘Who can throw their shoe the furthest.’)

YoonShiYoon: Lee Seunggi-shi is going to be so really sad.

KimJongMin: This is as if Seunggi is flying~! [Caption: Jongmin going with the shoes that Seunggi gave as a gift!]

(hahahaha cue Seunggi’s song ‘Let’s Break Up’ lol)

KimJongMin: This is wanting Seunggi to go very very far, you know?! That he’ll spread out and go far! [Caption: That Seunggi will spread out and go far!] After completing military service… [Caption: Hyung’s heart…♡ wants Dongseng to succeed and do well!] that he really hit daebak and continue to be successful~ I’m throwing this for you Seunggi-ya!

(Jongmin flips/tosses his shoe~ gifted by Seunggi!)

KimJongMin: Seunggi-yaaaaaa! Seunggi-yaaaaaa!

[Caption: Seunggi-ya…! Seunggi-ya…!!  Goodbye~]

KimJongMin: Seunggi-yaaaaaa!

[Caption: Hyung wants you to do well like this…]

KimJongMin: I’m sorry Seunggi-ya! It went too far!

[Caption: I’m sorry Seunggi-ya! It went too farㅠㅠㅠ]

(they were told at the start of the game that they would have to go fetch their own shoe after tossing it… so KJM was like oh man it went too far!  even though the furthest tossed shoe wins lol)

[Caption: Please forgive your bad Hyung…]

(Legendary 1n2d years’ fans will remember they used Seunggi’s ‘Let’s Break Up’ and ‘Bad Hyung’ during episodes in which the hyungs cheated on games or messed with their hardworking dongseng^^ which happened often lol).

[Caption: Nevertheless, overwhelming distance!]

(eventually, after the other people take their turn, final results screencap at 19:44~ “Jongmin – 1st Place!” just like how Seunggi typically won 1st place in 1n2d games^^)

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  1. I remember when Seung Gi, Mong and Su Geun had to climb a mountain to retreat some money, and when Ho Dong called, they tried to deceive him by lying about the amount they got and the song they used was “Let’s Break Up”, it was so funny because whenever they told a lie, cue music “lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, it’s all a lie”.
    I miss 1n2d season 1 <3

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