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10.3.2016 GFF – Behind-the-Scenes Lee Seunggi Fan Service, Cute Kids, MC Prep… Busy During Girl’s Day Stage

Compilation of Seunggi behind-the-scenes and in-between having to MC…

Fan-service waving to fans. wiping his own podium lol. patting the little girls’ heads and pinching their cheeks awww. studying his note cards. teasing the little girls awwwww again. whoa looking straight into the fancam! having to pay attention to what’s going on on stage. dude, our guy was so busy. he must’ve been so exhaustedㅠㅠㅠ Seunggi is just amazing♡


Seunggi just like US!  Wipes the podium himself… while the Ground Forces Festival promo video of events… narrated by Lee Seunggi plays on the big screen^^



Seunggi super busy during the Girls Day stage^^

ok I love this fancam!  I’ve watched it a bunch of times.  It’s a Girls Day fancam, but I’m totally obsessed with what Seunggi’s up to in the background behind the scenes.  dude, he was busy!!!! I think I can sing these 2 Girls Day songs, which I never heard of before, by heart now hahahaha.

And I gotta admit, seeing Yura so happy and smiling at finally meeting her ideal type Seunggi as she went on stage, made me happy for her^^ And also happy for Seunggi… because you know this made his day lol.  I mean the guy has been living day in day out with mostly a bunch of guys since he enlisted in February! hahaha.

But I’m glad they didn’t have Seunggi take the stage with Eteuk to interview Girls Day… that would’ve just been awkwardness overload. and GFF so not the appropriate place for that… although if Hodong was there, you know he would’ve been freaking out lol.


Seunggi gives Eteuk the ‘let’s phone talk later’ farewell goodbye signal^^


our Seunggi must’ve been so exhaustedㅠㅠㅠ but he’s seriously THE man♡ super busy, so many responsibilities.  yet killing it all across the board, putting on a clinic on MC-ing and live-singing♡

Videos: 나다빛, 서은기, SPD STUDIO, yu 2016

2 Responses

  1. I’m srsly at loss of words to describe how proud and happy I am with Seung Gi. He truely deserves all the best in this world, and I really wish I can attend his first concert post MS, if its timing allowed T_T
    He really shines wherever he goes, truely good seeds. I want to watch over him for as long as it’s possible and cheer on him on the side.

    Girl’s Day are charming, and Yura’s constant fangirling over Seung Gi is cute, and I was seeing myself in her lol the day I’ll see Seung Gi, I’ll have a HUGE grin on myself too.
    She once said that a man’s look will last him at most 3 years if it’s not backed with a genuinely good personnality. I’ve been a fan of Seung Gi for a little over 3 years, and I completely agree.

    Their interaction is cute, but I was bothered with some fans who took it to heart. When some of us fangirl over his cute interaction with female celebs and say we ship him with this or that, they should learn to take it lightly, not start calling us “delusionnal imbecile teenage girls”. Not like I’m/we’re going extra miles to make him love/date her. As long as we’re respectful!

    Honestly, I just wish Seung Gi to find a nice girl who’ll support him and be a constant in his life, whoever she might be. I’ll support both him and her and wish them all the happiness in the world.

    Sorry for the rant, it’s nothing to do with your post LSGfan. Just wanted to say it and since the topic is about it, I allowed myself to.

    • Totally agree our Seunggi just shines. there’s an “aura” about him like GFF PD said^^

      Seunggi = good fortune. so whoever gets the ultimate fortune to be Seunggi’s wife in the future, they will be fine :)

      our Seunggi is just too good to be true, but yet it is all trueㅠㅠㅠ I’m hopeful that his wife-to-be will meet Seunggi’s level^^

      really can’t wait till he returns after military service. we all really miss him!

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