[ENG] 10.3.2016 GFF – Special Forces Private First Class Lee Seunggi Smashing Tiles!

Seunggi smashing the tiles! in fine form and so happy afterward♡ (video: 나다빛)


And zoomed-in version of the top video, because even better close-up^^



So this is how it all went down…

English: LSGfan, Video: yu 2016

(Special Forces martial arts team is performing)

LSG: That was so awesome.

Co-MC: We just watched the Special Forces  taekwondo performance.

LSG: Wow… everyone~ wasn’t that really awesome? (crowd: yessss!!) Special Forces are good at everything. (lol ok Special Forces Seunggi^^)

Co-MC: Ah you are with the Special Forces…

LSG: Yes, currently I’m currently serving in the army with the 13th Airborne Brigade, and serving with our proud Special Forces.

Co-MC: Everyone~ please look to the side of Lee  Seunggi.
(ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seunggi’s expression)

LSG: Ohhh okay… (Seunggi nervously walks over to the tiles being set up). You are with the Special Forces martial arts team… please introduce yourself to the audience.

SF: Salute/Loyalty.

LSG: Thank you. So tell us about this…

SF: Private First Class Lee Seunggi is part of the Special Forces too… so for the fans who’ve come to see Lee Seunggi, why don’t you smash the tiles for them (called ‘kyuk-pah’ in Korean).

Seunggi: Usually the tiles are red colored and thin, no? The color seems too much like cement (?not sure what he’s saying)…

SF: You are correct. (Seunggi cracks up!)

(Seunggi gets into position. Gets some last-minute tips. Fans cheer Lee. Seung. Gi. hehehe Seunggi checks again with the Special Forces senior. He seems nervous^^ and yet SMASHES the tiles! All while smiling big and clapping afterward. Why so manly yet so heodang Seunggi! High-fives his Special Forces senior and salutes him!)

LSG: (returns to podium to MC) Wow… I was really nervous doing that in front of you all.  hehehehe.  The tiles I broke, there were about 5 of them…

Co-MC: Yes but why are you sweating so much?!

LSG: I was worried I couldn’t break them. I was so nervous. (wipes his forehead sweat out of relief lol).  In the earlier performance, they were breaking like 10-15 tiles.  Made me think those Special Forces soldiers are really impressive.

Co-MC: Shall we move on to introducing the next stage…


Another version of how smashing the tiles went down^^ (video: 서은기)


And why not a fanmade MV version of Seunggi smashing tiles~~~♡
I just can’t get enough.  Love this!



And prior to all of this going down~~~~~~???
This backstage fancam is totally daebak!♡♡♡
Seunggi getting tips from the Special Forces senior…
with obstructed views, seems like he’s totally beating up someone lol.
but he’s just being all diligent and focused♡
I need this clip set to some awesome BGM!!!



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