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[ENG] 9.28.2016 GFF Rehearsal – MC Lee Seunggi Addresses Little Kids, Broken Mics, Pizza and… the Army Chief of Staff

Read English translation…

September 28, 2016 GFF Rehearsal – MC Lee Seunggi Appeals to Little Kids, Nonworking Mics, Pizza and… Army Chief of Staff (Edited Compilation)
(English: LSGfan, Video: 승기야닷컴)

Speaker: From the 13th Airborne Special Forces Brigade, currently serving in the army Private First Class Lee Seunggi!

LSG: Happy to see you!  Thank you once again for coming to see our concert during this special time.  To host so many people here today, personally, I feel so happy and to see this front area completely packed, for some reason I feel all the more content and nervously excited. Yes… (chuckle from the crowd because Seunggi looked over at his co-host and seemed at a loss for words^^)

CoHost: You must be very nervously excited? hehehe (Seunggi busts out a laugh in response, making others laugh!) Charged with MC-ing this Ground Forces Festival concert, I am Lee Nakhee and…

LSG: Private First Class Lee Seunggi!

CoHost: Attention~ salute! (Seunggi in total soldier mode salutes~ ‘Loyalty!’ with his co-host. Major applause from the crowd^^ who doesn’t love people who serve the country?! Especially those who are entertainers in real life.)


[at 0:48~ little friends know Seunggi oppa?^^]

LSG: When you look out there… there’s a lot of little friends here today, right? (Seunggi signals to them to raise their hand but gets a tepid ‘yes’ lol, with grown ups answering too lol) You’re not a little friend but you’re answering~? (crowd laughs)

CoHost: Doesn’t seem like you’re that popular with the little kids~

LSG: Yes, the little kids don’t know me too well. A while back when I was was traveling the country with 1 Night 2 Days, I believe these friends were… (CoHost: In Kindergarten?) probably more like their first birthday or 2 years old. Do you all know who I am~~? (Seunggi asks the little kids lol)

LittleKids: Yesssss~ (awww the little kids voices so cute)

LSG: Oh what do you know me from?

LittleKids: Seunggi oppa~ (awww little kids voices again)

LSG: Seunggi oppa? Wow thank you for not addressing me as Ajusshi~ (omg hahahahaha) I’ve already been hearing ‘Ajusshi’ a lot these days, so thank you so much!♡

LSG: We were going to get the magic show going but we’re told they’re not ready. Next time we’ll make sure to bring a vacuum and clean up! (making people laugh as he improvises arond this unexpected production glitch. total pro^^ there’s some guy walking in front and behind them cleaning the stage lol) We’ll definitely make sure to show you the cleaning part next time! Personally, regarding magic…

CoHost: Oh we need to move (cleaning guy coming through again lol).

LSG: Yes, we should definitely move for him hehehe.

CoHost: (to the guy) Please clean up here too!

LSG: The Army Chief of Staff is here so could you please clean up quickly? (Seunggi smiles, crowd laughs)

CoHost: So what is the next stage performance?

LSG: As I watched the movements of these friends, their modern dance… and a long time ago I was active as a dancing machine on tv, a dancer… (people laughing; Seunggi’s um dancing skills are pretty legendary lol) oh why are you all laughing?! There was a time I was active as a dancing machine.

Audience: Then show us~

CoHost: We’ll make sure to show you that next time… (but then Seunggi busts out his go-to DdengByul dance step and some other move I don’t recognize!ㅋㅋㅋ cracks up the crowd) Yes, my pelvis is not dead yet. I will continue to train hard with the Special Forces so I can continue to dance the wave even better~^^


[at 2:30~ the mics unexpectedly stop working, but Seunggi such a pro, smiling and making jokes to keep the crowd in it. precisely why he is MC^^]

LSG: (smiling, looks up to the soundsystem folks, talking into the mic) yes um hello? (crowd laughs) For the first time ever, we’ll just MC with our voices (Seunggi deadpans, crowd laughs) You know since my vocals are good (lol). So how did you like that?  Did you enjoy it?

Audience: Yesss!!!! (aww enthusiastically replying to Seunggi^^)

LSG: I really think they were an awesome team. What did you think?

CoHost: Their boundless energy was so great… (she’s screaming at the top of her lungs making the audience laugh).

LSG: Wait, now that is too loud hehehehe. Too loud.

CoHost: We’ll try to do our best for you all.

LSG: Now we’ll attempt to MC the next performance. The next performance, me and Dongbangshiki member JungYoonho corporal (JYH fans get excited lol)… Not saying he’s going to perform, but it will be one of our team group’s performance. (Seunggi tries the mic again~ smiling ‘1, 2, 3~’) Looks like this is the end of our mics for today! (crowd laughs). Our A team is preparing right now, and the A team is acoustic. Among our vocal teams, they have the most lovely harmony and convey emotions so well. So everyone, especially the many ladies here, be careful to hold on to your hearts!

LSG: Today, the people up front here were particularly into that. Can I ask where you came from?  Oh from the local area? (everyone laughs). Okay thank you. We’ll introduce the next stage.


[at 3:55~ mics working, whew! and Seunggi banters about pizza toppings lol]

LSG: I was standing in the back…

CoHost: A pizza party~

LSG: A pizza party without any hesitation! I want to say thank you again, and could you add a lot of toppings for me? (omg hahahaha crowd laughing). A lot of toppings for me please! (the director responds ‘okay’ hahaha) oh Thank you!  I’ll just order separately (omg hahahaha)

LSG: To celebrate this occasion, these are singers that have come here.

CoHost: They are girlgroup members, right?

LSG: Yes you are correct! (cheers from the guys in the audience lol) I can already hear the excitement among the males here! Everyone~ you can cheer even louder. (Seunggi asks them to show their loud cheers again ha) That sounds great!


[at 4:42~ Seunggi and the soldiers show love for girlgroups lol]

CoHost: That was an awesome performance, so I’m really anticipating what the next performance will be.

LSG: We should be able to sense this, can’t we just introduce them right now?

CoHost: Like how?

LSG: For the next stage, can’t we just call back Bestie (must be the girlgroup? the guys in the audience cheer for this lol and Seunggi points them out ha) Whoa the response is just…

CoHost: As an MC, you need to stick to the script!

LSG: Yes you’re right. I guess I should… (Seunggi expresses disappointment ha)

CoHost:  Lee Seunggi, this is not your typical image!

LSG: Oh this is my real image. (Seunggi deadpans; crowd laughs. omg ppl and Seunggi himself^^ always love to make fun of his well-known upstanding image lol). A person should always above all things, be honest and sincere, right?

CoHost: Yes, but you were too honest. (lol)

LSG: This just confirms that I am really diligently serving in the army right now~ (hahahaha)

CoHost: Having seen PFC Lee Seunggi recently, this is the first time I’ve seen him so happy!

LSG: Yes, honestly… there’s a room over there, and no one’s supposed to open the door, but I was the first one to open the door and there were about 7 soldiers behind me watching and it was nuts. Ah I was shocked. (hahahaha seriously tho I feel for these guys who are serving 21 months with mostly guys!)


[at 5:45~ Seunggi must’ve just finished performing? he’s out of breath^^ Shindong, Eunhyuk show up on stage lol]

LSG: Everyone~ are you enjoying yourselves? (Yesss!) Was that exciting? (Yesss!) Thank you. The energy in the audience is really great so I really enjoyed myself. This will be a great memory for you, right? (Yesss!) Thank you.

(Strong Heart reunion^^)

Shindong: Why are you sweating so much?  Aren’t you a ballad singer? (lol)

LSG: I just briefly went on a vacation/trip. (hahahahaha Seunggi)

Euhyuk: Seems you traveled too far away. (omg lol)

Shindong: You weren’t in military confinement, right? (hahahahah military prison!) You can’t do that, your discharge will get delayed!

LSG: Confinement wouldn’t make me sweat this much.

Shindong: When will you be discharged from the army?

LSG: Next year, at the end of October.

Shindong: Everyone~ I guess that means you can be together with him again next year! (crowd applauds, Seunggi gives a big over-the-head heart gesture^^)

LSG: I could be part of Super Junior hahahahaha… (Shindong and Eunhyuk gesture their Super Junior sign and Seunggi follows suit. omg Seunggi’s expression is hilarious. crowd laughs. omg he and boy band/idol stuff really don’t fit, which is fine by me!)

Eunhyuk: That was so real-life~

LSG: I really wanted to try that (lol the Super Junior sign)


[at 6:48~ Seunggi reflects on GFF prep and the ability to donate their talents this way for a good cause, and directly makes a request to the Army Chief of Staff^^]

LSG: The Ground Forces Festival will be held October 2-6, and if you all come, we will make sure to move your hearts even more in a bigger area.

CoHost: But PFC Lee Seunggi~ there were so many diligently prepared performances today. So does this mean we won’t be able to see you any more after this festival ends? (omg I’m sorry but Seunggi has that slight look in this eyes like this co-host needs to act a bit more natural with her script lol. ok uri Seunggi, not everyone is an actor, mc, singer, and soldier like you!^^)

LSG: Honestly, I also prepared diligently like this too so it feels a bit unfortunate to end the festival with just this one time event. Personally, I’d like to see… not only for our Nation’s people, but also our soldiers and personnel giving their all on the frontlines, and the armed forces deployed overseas giving their all for our Nation… to visit and encourage them, I think about that sometimes. (crowd applause).

LSG: (at 7:35~) Since we’re all here today… by any chance, Army Chief of Staff General~ if feasible, like the performances shared today, would you be able to seriously consider the possibility for us to donate our talents for a good cause to more places? (whoa Seunggi addresses General Jang, Army Chief of Staff who’s in the audience. Crowd laughs and Seunggi busts out a nervous chuckle; probably can’t believe he’s addressing the Army Chief of Staff like this omg)

Army Chief of Staff: Yes, I will seriously consider it.

LSG: Thank you! (Seunggi bows, smiles, crowd applauds!!)


[at 7:54~ Seunggi bids farewell, all the performers sing a final patriotic song]

LSG: Hosting up to this point, I’ve been Private First Class Lee Seunggi (CoHost: I’ve been Lee Nakhee):

Everyone: Attention~ Loyalty!

(omg Seunggi proudly and excitedly singing this final song with everyone is love.   just impossible not to heart Lee Seunggi when he’s so sincere, talented, hard-working and too cute!!!!)

LSG: Thank you! 1, 2, 3~ (everyone takes a bow. great job Seunggi~ seriously, you are the best! no one like you. just amazing!).

2 Responses

  1. Thank you LSG Fan.. I’ve been waiting for this. And I read all slowly to carefully not miss even single word and try to match it with the video. Seunggi is so witty. He is natural MC. After so long time since Strong Heart he do’nt even lose his skill abit. And his interaction with SUJU kids. Bromance..❤
    And from this GFF event I like falling in love again with LSG because he is too handsome! ❤

  2. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much! That is speed! Mark first and read later…

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