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7.19.2016 [ENG] SWC 13th Brigade Family Day – Lee Sunhee Goes ‘Wherever Army Private First Class Lee Seunggi Is’


Read English translation…

July 19, 2016
Special Warfare Command 13th Brigade Family Day
English: LSGfan, Video: yeina_love

TeacherLeeSunHee: With your witty warmth and child-like heart, everyone welcoming me like this, all my worries completely disappeared.  And, today, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful event.

TeacherLeeSunHee: Especially, for me, wherever Army Private First Class Lee Seunggi is, I will go anywhere.

(crowd cheers and Seunggi immediately reacts with a grateful bow^^ and his signature laugh♡ haha Seunggi so shy yet brimming with pride at Teacher’s words! omg I can see him smiling cheek to cheek even from the back/side!)

I love that our Seunggi has grown up so beloved by precious people!^^

I have a feeling the participants were not allowed to take any pics or videos… the person who posted the clip seems to have been part of the day’s event.

Which is a total bummer on one hand, but I really appreciate those in the army and family members respecting the privacy, for the most part, of military service duty for all the men during their time!

Seunggi~~~ we really miss ya!!!  Glad to see you smiling and making the most of your time serving in the army!!

Can’t believe it’ll soon be 6 months since our Seunggi enlisted on Feb. 1, 2016.  Can’t wait till Oct. 31, 2017^^












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