[ENG] 6.29.2016 Channel A Current Affairs Inside – ‘Manly Aura’ Private First Class Lee Seunggi Encourages Fellow Soldiers

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[June 29, 2016] Channel A – Current Affairs, Inside People Clip
English: LSGfan, Video: 채널A

(Lee Seunggi cut starts at 9:07~9:31)

#3. ‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi is now Private First Class… ‘Manly Aura’

Currently serving in the military, Lee Seunggi has removed his ‘Private’ label tag (and moved on to ‘Private First Class’).

With his Private First Class rank insignia affixed, we were able to catch up on his current status through one TV program. 

He also sent a support message to armed forces officers and personnel who are embarking on startup venture planning, expressing “As a fellow soldier, I wholeheartedly stand with you.”  His image properly captured from each and every angle is indeed truly manly.

The recent rumoring must have caused him considerable heartache, but we hope he will overcome things well and safely complete his military duty.

For the uninformed and/or international fans conflating ‘Lee Seunggi’ with the recent situations of others and mentioning him in the same sentence, fyi NO ONE in Korea nor anyone who takes a second to think before commenting lumps them all together.  Case in point — the tenor of the news content prior to Seunggi in this clip.

Seunggi’s situation is one in which a malicious online rumor was started by some portal post, and for which Seunggi’s agency Hook Entertainment immediately filed a request for investigation into the matter and will sue for ‘defamation’ which signifies there is no truth to the matter, as confirmed by multiple news outlets.

Also, Seunggi and Hook took even more immediate action because an innocent non-celebrity person who is married and with a family, whom Seunggi nor Hook has ever met, was severely impacted when her photo was circulated along with the malicious rumor by her work colleague.  She is also suing for defamation.

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  1. Seunggi is just perfect.

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