[ENG] 6.26.2016 KBS K-Startup Ep 1 – Lee Seunggi Cheers For Fellow Nation’s Soldiers in Startup Challenge

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[June 26, 2016] KBS K-Startup, Episode 1 – Lee Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: KBSLife

Narrator: Accepting the challenge! K-Startup 2016 is on its way to meet a special cheering squad!

Narrator: There is a super special star waiting there to totally surprise us!

Narrator: Tags on his army uniform. Even a beret. And who is the mysterious owner of this army uniform?!

Seunggi: Salute! I am Special Forces 13th Airborne Brigade Private First Class Lee Seunggi! (whoa~~~~ hello Seunggi!!!♡)

[Next to Seunggi, carved into the stone is the Republic of South Korea Special Forces motto “안 되면 되게 하라” which translates into “Make the impossible possible.”  Also shown is the Black Panther, the symbol for the 13th Special Forces Airborne Brigade]

Narrator: If it’s singing, it’s singing!  If it’s acting, it’s acting!  From entertainment industry’s representative Uhm-Chin-Ah to Republic of Korea’s Special Forces Solider, transforming into a ‘Real Man’~~~ it’s Lee Seunggi!  And the reason he is greeting Challenge K-Startup 2016 is………

[Q: What does Private First Class Lee Seunggi think of startup ventures?]

Seunggi: I believe that it is a very important signal that startups develop on a national level.  I truly believe the Republic of Korea possesses the national competitiveness to advance even further, therefore, I think [startups] need to be actively supported.

Seunggi: To all the the officers and personnel of the Nation’s Armed Forces participating in Challenge K-Startup 2016~ may your ideas, along with your personal passion, develop further and I hope awesome startups will be discovered that can carry forth our Nation…
As a fellow soldier, I wholeheartedly support and stand with you!  Fighting!


KBS Challenge! K-Startup facebook


KBS Challenge! K-Startup facebook video:

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