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[ENG] KBS 6.20.2016 – Entertainment Industry ‘Besties’ Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin

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[KBS Entertainment Notebook] June 20, 2016
Entertainment Industry ‘Besties’ – Lee Seunggi cut

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

For Lee Seunggi who is currently serving in the army, he has a good friend with a 16 years age gap.

[Clip from 1n2d shown] 

Seunggi: Lastly, my good friend. Ah ‘good friend’ does not suit him. But really, two years ago, I still remember that Christmas Eve~ I went over to this person’s house for the first time, now why would a 20-something me be there…  and having first met that way and currently together in the same agency, the true crown prince I acknowledge~ Lee Seojin!!!

EunJiWon: Actually, Lee Seunggi seems most awkward~!! hahahaha

Seunggi: (putting his arm around Seojin lol) What~ Why~?!

EunJiWon: I was really shocked that you invited Lee Seojin.

Seunggi: Why~?!

LeeSuGeun: Word is that you guys quickly got close and that’s why he came here?!  Like, Hyung-nim is looking very awkward!

Reporter:  Back then, this was Lee Seojin who made his appearance on variety.  After laying all things down on behalf of his good friend Lee Seunggi, currently he’s become variety’s darkhorse.  Because of his good friend, he was able to expand his entertainment reach… this is why they say you should be careful and choose your friends wisely (this is so the truth!!!).

Reporter: Heartwarming just even seeing such good friends in the entertainment industry, we hope that friendship bond will continue for a very long time.


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