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[ENG] 61st Memorial Day Ceremony Live TV Broadcast 6.6.2016 – Lee Seunggi Leads Singing of National Anthem

Read English translation…

[Full live TV broadcast] 6.6.2016 – 61st Memorial Day Ceremony
English: LSGfan, Video: 장윤석

[Start of program with Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, thru 5:20~]

The 61st Memorial Day Ceremony will begin.
First, we will begin with allegiance to the flag.
Everyone please turn and look toward the flag.
Salute to the national flag.

I stand before the proud Taeguk flag and pledge allegiance to the Republic of Korea, to its eternal glory, liberty and justice.

Next, we will sing the national anthem.
The national anthem will be led by 13th Airborne Special Forces Brigade Private First Class Lee Seunggi currently on-duty and National Defense Forces band soldiers, accompanied by music and through all 4 verses. We would appreciate everyone singing with all their might.

[singing of national anthem]

Continuing, we will have a time of silence to pay tribute and honor those who have sacrificed their lives to guard the Republic of Korea.


[TV Broadcast] Lee Seunggi camera view cut
nice~~~~ like this version^^ (video: seunggiairen)


[Official Bluehouse Video] 61st Memorial Day Ceremony Highlights
So happy to see “13th Airborne Special Forces Brigade Private First Class Lee Seunggi currently on-duty” captured in the beginning of this highlight clip!! #ThumbsUp (video: cheongwadaetv)


[Fancam] Non-obstructed cut of Seunggi singing national anthem
I love that we can somewhat hear his voice~~~ since he’s directly mic’d^^


[Fancam] Entire version of Seunggi singing national anthem

(fancams: 박남수 via http://neulboaje.com/220728991791)


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