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[ENG] SBS Morning Wide 6.7.2016 – Lee Seunggi’s Surprise Appearance at 61st Memorial Day Ceremony Since Enlisting

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June 7, 2016 SBS Morning Wide – Lee Seunggi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: Shao-Ying Hsu

R2: I was watching the Memorial Day ceremony on TV yesterday and watching the military ajusshis, and when I looked carefully I was shocked to see Lee Seunggi!

R1: Many people were shocked. Yesterday, Lee Seunggi attended the 61st Memorial Day ceremony and his face brightened the broadcast of the commemoration event.

R2: I was so happy to see him.

R1: It was the first time in 4 months. Yesterday on June 6, the 61st Memorial Day ceremony took place within a reverent atmosphere… and Lee Seunggi, wearing a black beret and combat uniform attire, made a surprise appearance. It was precisely this image you’re seeing now.  Lee Seunggi, along with 4 band soldiers, strongly stood on stage and sang the national anthem in unison with reverence.

R1: This is him enlisting for military service this past February.  If you compare him then to now, seems like he has lost some weight. And seeing him in his army uniform attire, nobly singing the national anthem, he surely emanates national pride.

R2: He has certainly become manly.

R1: Yes, Lee Seunggi is currently serving as an active duty soldier in the Special Warfare Command.  And this past April, he jumped from a high altitude of 730 meters and also completed airborne parachute training.

R2: Wow~

R1: On this day, at the ceremony, in addition to Lee Seunggi, actor Lee Seojin read a commemoration poem.  And this is singer Gummy.  Gummy sang ‘We Remember Them’ with a full chorus, making the event meaningful.

R1: It was said that Lee Seunggi sang on stage after much careful thought and consideration.  It is said that he would like to focus primarily on his army duties throughout the duration of his military service, and does not plan to participate in other military personnel events.

R2: Yes, seeing him, he has become even more manly. And military ajusshi Lee Seunggi~ you were very awesome^^

Video can also be seen here: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/916790


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