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[ENG] SBS Radio 5.2.2016 – Lee Seunggi’s Army Life and His Liking for Girlgroup TWICE, per Bestie Lee Seojin

Read English translation…

[SBS Radio] May 2, 2016 Lee Seojin Interview
English: LSGfan, Video: SBSradio100

[Seunggi-related excerpt starts at 3:05 in video~]

ChoiHwaJung:  Online listener asks, ‘Now that your best friend dongseng Lee Seunggi has gone to the army, who do you play with these days?’ (Seojin cracking up) Seriously, who do you hang out with now?  You used to only hang out with Seunggi!

LeeSeoJin:  hehehe um haven’t had a lot of time to play… I started filming when Seunggi was leaving for the military, so I didn’t have that much time.

CHJ:  So, you have to play now…

LSJ:  I’m a little bit busy until next week, so…

CHJ:  Filming CFs, right? Another person asks, ‘Seojin oppa, do you still keep in touch with Okbin?’

LSJ:  Actually, Seunggi… now that he’s gone to the army… he contacted me.  He mentioned he really likes TWICE these days.

CHJ:  Whoa~~~ hehehehehe.

LSJ:  Telling me that he now gets why guys really like girlgroups when they go to the army.  So I called Taecyeon, since he’s in the same agency as TWICE, and asked him for a TWICE video and signed CD so I can send to Seunggi.  So I got that from Taecyeon and sent it to Seunggi.

CHJ:  Oh really?! TWICE was here recently…

LSJ:  In the video message, a TWICE member said ‘Seunggi oppa~ enjoy and do well in your army life.’ 

CHJ:  He must have been so strengthened!

LSJ:  Seunggi told me ‘thanks so much!’ hehehehe.  He said he watches it and then starts and his morning training (omg lol Seunggi fighting!!).

2 Responses

  1. Well, Seo Jin could have just said it -exagerated- to be …. um funny? I’m not jealous or anything, but I hate those keyboard warriors acting like Seung Gi’s some creep for liking a young GG. And I’m pretty sure he asked for a signed CD to give his comrades. He also asked Hyo Joo for her signed pics and NJttW team for some GG’s signed CDs.

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