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[ENG] YTN News 4.28.2016 – Lee Seunggi, from Nation’s Younger Brother to Nation’s Special Forces Soldier?

Read English translation…

[YTN News] April 28, 2016
English: LSGfan, Video: YTN NEWS

H:  Known as ‘Nation’s Younger Brother,’ Lee Seunggi enlisted for military duty last February 1st.  He’s become Nation’s Special Forces officer…

R:  Actually, I remember from one of his movie interviews, he has acrophobia (fear of heights).  He doesn’t even like to go on rides at the amusement park because his phobia is so severe.  I remember him saying that.  After becoming a Special Forces solider, whether it’s that your sense of duty/responsibility changes or it’s just the case that men, as expected, need to go to the army… [news anchors chuckle]  But upon hearing that he successfully completed a 730 meter parachute jump…

R:  Honestly, when a celebrity enlists in the Special Forces, enlists in the Marines, enlists for active military duty, there’s always some rumoring that they delayed this as much as possible via their agency.  But for me, I see it more as whether they enlisted in active military service and with a good attitude and in this case the Special Forces, give their best in training and army life… this kind of image is really desirable.  So even if rumors about pushing back military enlistment could be true, enlisting and serving under good, positive conditions has really desirable outcomes for celebrities.

H:  Of course.  And as it gets known how you’ve gone to the army and your activities continue to garner buzz, although the person is actually away serving in the army, for regular people and fans, he remains in our memory, right?  That seems to be a good thing.

R:  In the past, it was all about pushing back military enlistment as much as possible or avoiding active military duty at all costs, but now things have really changed.  Now, it’s more like you definitely should go and return as soon as possible. 

H:  Well it’s really a relief to see that our ending and beginning news segments today bring about a good positive feeling.  Thank you to all four of you for sharing the news today.

Thank you.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. Im really proud of Seung gi! Cant wait for his comeback! 💙💙💙😇

  2. thank you for sharing.. Seung Gi oppa is really great!

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