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[ENG] KBS News 4.28.2016 – Lee Seunggi, Despite Usual Acrophobia, Completes Special Forces Airborne Training

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[KBS News: Culture Plaza] April 28, 2016
English: LSGfan, Video: KBS News

There’s been a lot of increased interest in the Special Forces which Song Joongki acted in for a drama, and singer-actor Lee Seunggi actually in real life, deployed to the Special Forces, is receiving airborne training from high altitudes.

Lee Seunggi, who enlisted for military service last February, is receiving Special Forces airborne training basics.  Although he is a Special Forces deployed administration soldier,  all military soldiers in the Special Forces must participate in this training.

Even though Lee Seunggi usually has acrophobia (fear of heights), he jumped 730 meters from a transporter plan and safely completed parachute training.

While military service is a matter of course duty, there are still a lot of stars who’ve brought on controversy due to military-related issues.

On the other hand, stars who sincerely complete their military service can also receive even more love than before.  Yoo Seungho enlisting at a relatively young age, and singer Oh Junghyuk who delayed his discharge date for training are representative of this.

To the degree in which a career/profession influences young adults in a big way, we hope we can also continue to see the brave side of stars on a regular basis.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translation.

  2. This is really what i like about Koren Celeb, they need to complete mandatory military and for me this is a great oppurtunity for them to serve their country and to bring honor not just to their families but also to the nation..

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