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[ENG] Making Film – Lee Seunggi for KB Bank Love of Country Card CF ‘A South Korean Man’s 15,360 Hours’

Read English translation…

March 2016 – ‘A South Korean Man’s 15,360 Hours’ Making Film
English: LSGfan, Video: KB 국민은행

This past January 31st, at a Seoul Gangnam hair salon.  A still dark dawn, we met Seunggi one day before his military enlistment.

With people busying around and cameras set-up, Seunggi’s final CF filming before enlistment took place.

Seunggi: Your hands can’t shake~
HairStylist: Come on, my hands could shake!

Behind that calm composed smile, we sense an inexplicable tense feeling… A requisite prior to enlistment. Maybe it’s due to the upcoming haircut? (Aw Seunggi’e eyes say it all~)

As the haircut begins, quietly with eyes closed Seunggi.  At this moment, what could Seunggi be thinking about?  Before we knew it, the cut hair began to pile up.  And over time, transforming into a gallant man Seunggi.

To ease those around him, who seemed more nervous than him, he even joked with them.

ProductionCrew: Are you okay? Are you content with the style right now?ㅋㅋ
(with only the right side of Seunggi’s bangs cut^^)

Seunggi: Yes, well haha it’s recently the most popular style~
(our Seunggi as expected^^)

And finally, South Korean soldier Lee Seunggi was born!

Seunggi: Really, its the shortest ever… after I became an adult.

For mixed-emotions Seunggi, colleagues warmly applaud.

HairStylist: Suits you well, right?
Seunggi: Better than imagined. Isn’t this military predisposition?
HairStylist: That’s what I mean.

Also taking final commemorative photos with precious people~

HookCrew: Should I go out and buy some choco-pies, hyung?
Seunggi: Huh? (CG of the choco-pie lol) Buy me some sweets haha.

HookCrew: You really seem like a soldier.
Seunggi: Really? Ahhh… I really am a soldier now.

Although seeing his own short hair in the mirror is still unfamiliar… but since it’s only temporary… since he will return soon.  A short-time haircut, and a new challenge, will be embraced with a smile and laughter… as expected of Lee Seunggi.

And also here, surprise guests who come to find Seunggi?
(KB Bank/Financial Group team with flowers)

KB Rep: Seunggi-ya, thanks so much.
Seunggi: For what?
KB Rep: For being our KB model for 8 years, thanks.
Seunggi: Oh~ will have to do so longer hahahaha (lol Seunggi^^)

For the past 8 years, KB Bank has been constantly together with Seunggi
(aw nice screencap of KB Financial Group and KB Bank CFs since 2009)
And even during military life, KB and Seunggi will be together!

Finally, the final CF filming before his enlistment gets started.

Seunggi: Salute/Loyalty! I will go and return.

Just like any ordinary South Korean man, now becoming a soldier, soon to be protecting our country Seunggi.  Standing by that kind of Seunggi will be KB Nation’s Love of Country Card protecting together.

The final image of Seunggi prior to enlisting…
You’re curious right?  Let’s see it now~

[CF – A South Korean Man’s 15,360 Hours by KB Bank]


15,360 hours (time)

For some, time to broaden one’s experience outside the country

Time to raise up insufficient language marks

Time to brilliantly ignite the passion of young adult love

Time with 3 months remaining even after finishing third year in college

Time to fill in the work experience on that empty resume

However for some,
time spent living without fear and putting the Nation at ease as we trust you
[Seunggi appears getting his hair cut for military service 👍]

15,360 hours (time)

Possibly, a time when you go from being someone’s precious person to becoming a precious person to all the Nation’s people

[Lee Seunggi]: Salute/Loyalty! I will go and return.

KB Kookmin Love Of Country Card is cheering for the South Korean officers of the armed forces

[KB Bank]


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  1. Thanks for translating, I was so curious to what they were saying, Seung Gi’s so cute and adorable and … I miss him so so much

  2. Thanks, thanks, now I can understand 😍

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