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[ENG] Lee Seunggi for KB Bank Love of Country Card CF ‘A South Korean Man’s 15,360 Hours’

Read English translation…

Feb. 17, 2016 – A South Korean Man’s 15,360 Hours by KB Bank
English: LSGfan, Video: KB 국민은행


15,360 hours (time)

For some, time to broaden one’s experience outside the country

Time to raise up insufficient language marks

Time to brilliantly ignite the passion of young adult love

Time with 3 months remaining even after finishing third year in college

Time to fill in the work experience on that empty resume

However for some,
time spent living without fear and putting the Nation at ease as we trust you

[Seunggi appears getting his hair cut for military service 👍]

15,360 hours (time)

Possibly, a time when you go from being someone’s precious person to becoming a precious person to all the Nation’s people

[Lee Seunggi]: Loyalty! I will go and return.

KB Kookmin Love Of Country Card is cheering for the South Korean officers of the armed forces

[KB Bank]


And description from KB Bank’s video upload:

What does 15,360 hours mean to all of you?

A Korean man’s 15,360 hours in which he goes from someone’s precious person to a precious person to the all the Nation’s people. KB Bank cheers for this time. KB Bank Love of Country Card is cheering for the South Korean officers of the armed forces.

#15360hours #KoreanMan #LeeSeunggi #LoveOfCountry


Seunggi is truly a precious person♡
Our guy is one-of-a-kind, seriously no one like him.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translation!♥

  2. Wow! A very good advertisement! Made even better with Seunggi endorsing it!

  3. A very very precious person <3 if there's a word stronger than "precious" I'd use it for him. Thank you for translating.

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