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[ENG] 2.1.2016 TV Chosun News – Lee Seunggi Enlisted Today… Flocked by Fans

Read English translation…

Feb. 1, 2016 – Lee Seunggi Enlisted Today… Flocked by Fans
English: LSGfan, Video: TVCHOSUN News

In terms of stress, for men, military enlistment can be very stressful. Singer Lee Seunggi enlisted at Nonsan Training Camp today.

To see Lee Seunggi off, not only from Korea, but fans from Japan and China came to the Nonsan Training Camp to bid him farewell. Let’s hear from Reporter Kim.

Hundreds of fans are here waiting for Lee Seunggi. At the training camp, their feelings are represented on the large banners affixed in the area. They came on reserved buses to see him off.

As soon as Lee Seunggi appeared, fans cheer and welcome him.

Lee Seunggi, feeling a bit awkward with his newly short hair, he hears the cheers of all the fans. 

[Lee Seunggi | Singer and Actor]:  Many thought it suits me better than we thoughtㅋㅋㅋ Good thing there were more who thought it suited me okay.  (Fan: Oppa……..)  Yes, in case I was a hairstyle-dependent.  I shaved it off.  (I love how Seunggi interacts with fans. So cute.)

Last January 21, Lee Seunggi released the song ‘I’m Going to the Army’ on a music site and his enlistment news was revealed.

Enlisting for active military service, Lee Seunggi will complete 5 weeks of military training and then will be placed for assignment.

[Lee Seunggi | Singer and Actor]:  Upon fulfilling my service duty, I will return and engage in awesome activities so please wait until then. Please watch for me.

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