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[ENG] 2.1.2016 YTN News – ‘Enlisting’ Lee Seunggi, Final Greetings With A Bright Smile

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Feb. 1, 2016 – ‘Enlisting’ Lee Seunggi, Final Greetings With A Bright Smile
English: LSGfan, Video: YTN

This is the video version of the Q & A (excerpts) reported in this article:
2.1.2016 YTN – Q & A Interview With Enlisting Lee Seunggi

Q. What did you do yesterday?

After recording with Psy hyung-nim, who came to to military training two times, I simply got together with my family, my agency family, and sunbaes… had a simple farewell.

Q. Activities leading up to enlistment?

With military schedule arriving abruptly, there was movie and other related work to take care of beforehand.

Q. And getting together with the ‘Inside Men’ sunbaes?

Oh that. Personally, I really enjoyed ‘Inside Men.’ I had the opportunity to meet with sunbaes at a movie screening, and we got together for a meal and conversation for thanks and celebration.

Q. When did you cut your hair?

Yesterday. First, many thought it suited me better than we had thought. (fans seem to agree!)

Q. Final greeting for fans.

I feel I’ve received a lot love after debuting in 2004. Thus, I’m deeply grateful for such undeserved love. From hereon, I will diligently serve in the military, and upon fulfilling my service duty, I will return and engage in awesome activities so please wait until then. I will work hard.

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