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2.1.2016 YTN – Q & A Interview With Enlisting Lee Seunggi

Thanks to all the fans for posting pics of our Seunggi~


Q & A interview with Lee Seunggi as he Enlists
English: LSGfan via

(Looks like Seunggi, unwillingly, did a brief interview since press came… despite Seunggi’s agency indicating he would only briefly greet fans who came to Nonsan training camp on enlistment day. But you really have no choice when the press travel few hours and show up with cameras and mics waiting for you.ย  Because then it would be considered rude.ย  Can’t win either way.ย  Q & A as reported in a YTN article; full video forthcoming, I’m sure)

Q. How did you spend yesterday?

I did a bit of recording.ย  After recording with Psy hyung-nim, who came to to military training two times, I simply got together with my family, my agency family, and sunbaes.

Q. You were busy working and filming CF, movie, and even recording, did you think to rest before leaving?

I wanted to rest a bit before leaving, but unwillingly, work gathered up.ย  With military schedule arriving abruptly, there was movie and other related work to take care of beforehand.

Q. Fans were worried about you being a private at 30 years of age?

Well, I don’t have the stamina of those in their 20s. It hasn’t been long since I turned 30 (in Korean age), so I think I’ll be okay.

Q. You had a farewell party with Lee Byunghyun and Jo Seungwoo.ย  What’s the connection there?

Personally, I really enjoyed ‘Inside Men.’ย  I had the opportunity to meet with sunbaes at a movie screening, and we got together for a meal and conversation for thanks and celebration.

Q. When did you cut your hair? What did you feel as you looked at the mirror?

I cut it yesterday.ย  First, many thought it suited me better than we had thought. (Was worried) in case I was a hairstyle-dependent, but I think it suits me better than I had thought.

Q. If there was an entertainer colleague who gave you strength or advice?

Everyone gave me a lot of encouragement so it’s hard to pick one person.

Q. Any chance there was a colleague who tried to provoke you?

No one tried to provoke me.ย  They all encouraged me saying ‘time goes by quickly,’ but that seemed a bit absurd considering my current situation. But they said it really does go by quickly…

Q. If you were to say a word of resolve to your army seniors?

It’s embarrassing to even say something like this, and honestly, I never thought to do an interview.ย  But since you came here, thank you.ย  I will finish well, quietly not standing out, and return.

Q. A final greeting for fans.

I thought about a lot of things on the way here, and I still can’t fully grasp all of this.ย  I feel I’ve received a lot love after debuting in 2004.ย  Thus, I’m deeply grateful for such undeserved love.ย  From hereon, I will diligently serve in the military, and upon fulfilling my service duty, I will return and engage in awesome activities so please wait until then.ย  I will work hard.

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  1. Thank you for your quick translate.. ๐Ÿ˜„

  2. Thanks for the translation!

  3. Thanks a lot Ann ^^

  4. Thank you for translating <3 I was all sad but once I saw his bright smile, all my sadness went away, he looks great and I love him so much

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