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[ENG] 1.27.2016 OBS: ③ ‘I’m Going To The Army’ Lee Seunggi, Days Leading Up To Military Enlistment?

Read English translation…

January 27, 2016 – ③ ‘I’m Going To The Army’ Lee Seunggi, Days Leading Up To Military Enlistment?
English: LSGfan, Video: OBSKyungIn

From ‘Nation’s Younger Brother’ to becoming a ‘Real Man’~ the evolution of Lee Seunggi’s charms…

With news of his military enlistment, sweet refreshing images of Lee Seunggi captured in old photos are generating quite a buzz.

With his 2004 debut song, ‘Because You’re My Woman,’ Lee Seunggi captured the hearts of noonas across the nation, creating a younger man sensation.

Afterward, his stardom rose with his extensive reach across dramas and variety shows, and his hidden talents were released in full force.

In particular, through travel variety program ‘1 Night 2 Days,’ with his model student and bright image, yet heodang charms, he captured the affection of his hyungs and TV viewers.

Then, taking on the challenge of entertainment variety talk show MC, his multiple talents were on display, showcasing the image of a true multi-entertainer.

Simultaneously, Lee Seunggi was active in acting. Known as the ‘Nation’s Son’ via family drama ‘Famous Princesses,’ he was acknowledged for his acting… soon, he would become lead actor for romance dramas, completely shedding the younger brother, maknae image and showcasing a range of charms and receiving a lot of love for this.

Seunggi (You’re All Surrounded): This was an opportunity to awaken my passion yet again, and concentrating thoroughly to the end while acting, was probably my key evolution.

Also, at the beginning of last year, in his 10th year since debuting as an entertainer, he took on the big screen, displaying a complete range of acting projects.

Active across multiple entertainment fields, Lee Seunggi~ we feel your empty spot will be deeply felt. So what lies ahead following his military service?

According to Lee Seunggi’s agency, currently there are no finalized plans for Lee Seunggi following his military enlistment. (um he hasn’t even left for military enlistment yet, and he’ll be serving for close to 2 years, and you’re asking about plans AFTER enlistment?)

However, having kept his promise to serve as an active duty soldier, Lee Seunggi has garnered enthusiastic support among male fans. There is growing interest as to whether his activities will continue to flourish after he completes military service.

Come February, the Nation’s Younger Brother having received the country’s call to duty, will depart to protect our country. We will anticipate his image upon his awesome return.

Gotta admit, I felt teary watching the OBS 3-part news clipsㅠㅠㅠ

But of course, so proud^^

Seunggi is truly a one-in-a-million star.


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  1. Going to miss him. teary eyed thinking about his departure.

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