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[ENG] 1.27.2016 OBS: ② ‘I’m Going To The Army’ Lee Seunggi, Days Leading Up To Military Enlistment?

Read English translation…

January 27, 2016 – ② ‘I’m Going To The Army’ Lee Seunggi, Days Leading Up To Military Enlistment?
English: LSGfan, Video: OBSKyungIn

We were also able to hear more about Lee Seunggi’s news at a restaurant he regularly frequented.

Restaurant representative: Since news about his enlistment was revealed, he hasn’t been here. The last time he was here, he was filming a movie with Shim Eunkyung…

Restaurant representative: There wasn’t a lot said, you know, since there were other eyes around. Sat in a quiet spot, had dinner and left… We like him a lot. He’s always been a person you can’t find any fault in.

Recently, although he visited this place while filming a movie with Shim Eunkyung, Lee Seunggi hasn’t been here since news of his enlistment date was revealed.

We visited another restaurant he is known to regularly frequent…

OBS: Has Lee Seunggi been here recently?
Restaurant rep: He was here 2 days ago.
OBS: Oh 2 days ago? Who did he come with?
Restaurant rep: Lee Seojin and their agency president (as expected lol)
OBS: How was Lee Seunggi when he was here?
Restaurant rep: There didn’t seem to be any big difference in Lee Seunggi. Since he’s always a good-natured person, he was the same as usual.
OBS: Has he been here with other celebs? (lol)
Restaurant rep: He was here with Lee Sunhee before (ㅋㅋㅋ)

We were able to hear that a few days ago, Lee Seunggi spent quality time having dinner with the people close to him.

Lee Seunggi, recently completing filming for movie ‘Goong Hap’…  with his image captured in his last project before military service, this should soothe the empty-feeling hearts of fans. You’re going to wait for him, right? (!!^^)

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