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[ENG] 1.26.2016 KBS Talk Talk: Weekly Keyword – Lee Seunggi ‘I’m Going To the Army’ Song

Read English translation…

January 26, 2016 – KBS Talk Talk Entertainment Square
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Weekly Keyword 1. Lee Seunggi, I’m Going To The Army.

Known as the original ‘Nation’s Younger Brother’… Lee Seunggi. He is to become a real man.

HwangTaeJa (Famous Princesses): I received my military service notice.

Lee Seunggi will be enlisting for his military service on February 1.

Citizen 1: It’s so cold and to hear he’s going to the army, I don’t feel good about it.

Citizen 2: Since he’s going to the army, I feel really sad.

Citizen 3: Since we won’t get to see him a lot on TV, I feel sad.

HwangTaeJa (Famous Princesses): Don’t worry. One has to fulfill his national defense duty to be a real man.

With his military enlistment date approaching and to thank his fans for their love, like the weather these days, he prepared a cool present for them.

[‘I’m Going To The Army’ song is played]

Wow~ he sang a song…

Soon after the song was released, ‘I’m Going To The Army’ recorded an all-kill on the music charts.

Representative for Lee Seunggi’s agency: We also felt the need to do something before his enlistment, and thus this is a gift he is giving to fans.

As this is a farewell greeting song prior to enlistment, the song has generated a lot of interest about military enlistment songs.  How about for you all~ what song comes to your mind?

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