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[ENG] 1.22.2016 SBS: Lee Seunggi To Enlist for Active Duty Service on February 1st

Read English translation…

January 22, 2016 – SBS Good Morning Entertainment
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Lee Seunggi, having always received great love for his upstanding manner, will be enlisting for active duty service next month on February 1.

As a singer and actor, active across multiple fields, Lee Seunggi gained recognition as an actor in 2009 playing the role of Sun Woohwan in SBS drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ which drew a TV viewership rating of over 40%. With songs, ‘Will You Marry Me’ and ‘Return’ and other hits, he also established his position as a singer.

Lee Seunggi revealed to fans that he would ‘return as a real man.’ With his approaching enlistment next month, he also released a song which embodies his sentiments. While the song, ‘I’m Going To The Army’ is his story, he hopes soldiers-to-be, those approaching enlistment, and their families and friends, can relate to the song.

Lee Seunggi-shi~ we hope you will stay healthy and return well after your military service!

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