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[ENG] 1.22.2016 KBS: Lee Seunggi To Return As A ‘Real Man’

Read English translation…

January 22, 2016 – KBS Entertainment Notebook
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Yesterday morning, singer and actor Lee Seunggi’s military enlistment was officially revealed. According to his agency, Lee Seunggi plans to enlist for active duty next month on February 1.

[Recorded audio, Lee Seunggi]: All able-bodied Korean males serve in the military… I hope many (fans) will come. (not sure where this audio came from, but these 2 statements were not said together)

Lee Seunggi shared his thoughts about his upcoming enlistment, expressing, ‘I’m deeply thankful for the undeserved love I’ve received, and I will return as a real man.’

He was a high school third-year student at the time. Debuting in 2004, Lee Seunggi has received great love as the Nation’s Younger Brother.

As news about his enlistment was revealed yesterday,  his sentiments were captured in his released song, ‘I’m Going To The Army.’

Yes, please return well~  Lee Seunggi, who will be temporarily departing from fans, we hope you will return an even more awesome man~

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  1. If I recalled correctly, the recorded audio came from TK2H press conference in 2012. “I hope many (fans) will come” refer to the press, not to the fans.

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