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[ENG] 1.21.2016 ChannelA News: Screen Stars ‘Approaching Military Enlistment’ – Lee Seunggi To Enlist February 1st

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January 21, 2016 – Channel A News
English: LSGfan, Video: 채널A 뉴스TOP10

(Excerpt 0:00 ~ 1:40)

Yes, singer Lee Seunggi, actor Lee Seunggi. That was his song ‘I’m Going To The Army.’  The song’s topic really stands out. The lyrics at the end are ‘I love you, I love you. These are the last words I leave you.’ Is it because his enlistment is approaching? We’ll return in just a moment.

[Screen Stars ‘Approaching Military Enlistment]

This year, it just happens to be that lead actor-level stars who’ve filled our tv screens are going to the army, and having packed their age. Lee Seunggi is one of them, right?

Yes, you’re right. With many fans bracing for this, Lee Seunggi, who recently completed filming a movie with Shim Eunkyung called ‘GoongHap,’ will be enlisting for military service next month on February 1. Releasing song, ‘I’m Going To The Army,’ he is garnering a lot of public interest. He expressed that he would return as a real man.

[Lee Seunggi / Actor, Singer:  I’m deeply thankful for the undeserved love I’ve received. I will return as a real man.]

In addition to Lee Seunggi, there are a lot of actors set to leave, right?

Yes, according to Korean laws, you have to serve in the military.

[Lee Seunggi (30) February 1 enlistment, Yoo Ahin (31) First-half of the year?, Joo Won (30) Latter-half of the year?, Lee Minho (30) Latter-half of the year?]

The ages shown on the screen are their Korean ages. 

Among popular actors, there are many actors who have to enlist this year. As shown on the screen, Lee Seunggi is set to enlist on Feb. 1, and in the case of Yoo Ahin who is 31 years old, he has to enlist this year.  And Joo Won and Lee Minho need to enlist this year as well.


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