[ENG] 1.14.2016 SBS: Lee Seunggi’s Agency States That News About Military Enlistment in March Are Not True

Read English translation…

January 14, 2016 – SBS Good Morning Entertainment
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

It was revealed that singer and actor Lee Seunggi will be enlisting for military service this coming March. According to some press outlets yesterday, Lee Seunggi shared his feelings about his upcoming enlistment at a get together for his movie ‘GoongHap’ on January 11.

It was reported that Lee Seunggi said he plans to enlist in March, thus each and every day is precious, and as it is something every South Korean male must do, he’d go with a happy heart and return well.

However, according to his agency, news about his March enlistment are not true. Lee Seunggi’s agency stated that he has not received his draft notice, and since his movie is set to release this fall, it’s probable he may enlist around then?  Lee Seunggi plans to enlist once he receives his draft notice.

Sometimes I just really have no words for Hook Entertainment…

As for Seunggi~ Happy 30th Birthday love! (29th in American age)
January 13, 2016 was such an emotional roller coaster dayㅠㅠㅠ
But heartbreak ended happily, at least on this day, with Seunggi’s smiling pics!!!
Airens are sooooo happy because of you 💕



오늘 흰눈이 펄펄❄❄❄ #새해첫눈 #승몽🌙

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