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[ENG] 2.23.2015 Official Video for Big Issue Korea ‘Star Big Support’ with Lee Seunggi

Also posting the official Big Issue ‘Star Big Support’ video from back in Feb.2015^^ since Seunggi ended the 2015 year by volunteering again for Big Issue (Dec. 2015).  Read English translation…

Feb. 23, 2015 – Big Issue – Lee Seunggi Star Big Support
English: LSGfan; Video: BigIssueKorea

Seunggi: We started the new year with Big Issue… Actually I didn’t know about the existence of the magazine until more recently, and then learning about the wonderful purpose of the magazine and in the spirit of donating our talents, I came to participate.  But more than when I was doing the magazine photoshoot, to be able to directly come out here and sell these together with our homeless vendors… it would be great if many people would get to know this magazine.

Also, while a lot of our fans have shown so much interest, I hope other people will see this and ask~ ‘What is Big Issue?’ ‘What is it that Lee Seunggi is selling these?’ and learn of the purpose and existence of Big Issue.  And also for the people around us – those who may need encouragement – thinking that this will give them a lot of support, personally selling these together felt really great.  And as it seems like many people have shown a lot of interest, I was very happy.

Lee Sungyong, Vendor: I’m thankful. It was my first time, so I was nervous. But being a vendor was good.

Oh Hyunsuk, Vendor: Selling the magazines was great. And to stand next to Lee Seunggi and sell, I was really happy and it was wonderful.

Kim Hyungchul, Vendor: It didn’t feel lonely. To have such a famous person come and bring so many people with him to help, I feel really strengthened. Thank you.

[This video was made possible through the talent donation of Do Hyunjoon.]


Youtube version of the official Big Issue video (AirenNews01)


Fancam – Seunggi♡ <Smile Boy> (video: lsg 빛나다)


HQ fanpics of our lovely Seunggi~~~~♡ Lee Seunggi Thailand fb – [HQ Fanpic] 150223 Lee Seung Gi – BIG ISSUE Magazine Volunteering



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