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Movie ‘GoongHap’ Completes Filming, Lee Seunggi & Shim Eunkyung Are A Match Made in Heaven?

‘Goong Hap’ starring Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung has gathered a lot of buzz as the second movie in the divination series following ‘Face Reader’ (2013).  Scheduled to release in 2016, there’s been a lot of interest and buzz with the movie ‘Goong Hap’ having completed its 4 months of filming on December 23rd.

‘Goong Hap’ began filming on 9/9 (September 9) at 9:09am.  Regarding this, a Jupiter Films representative said, “In the spirit of starting on a good foot, we chose a day that was well-matched with the fortunes and destiny of Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung, and a time with the most occurrences of the auspicious number 9 during the time period that matched well with the day (7:30am ~ 9:30am).”

Movie ‘Goong Hap’ is a story of the perfect destiny between Princess Songhwa who refuses royal marital expectations and Seo Doyoon, the genius divination reader to the royal family who assesses the marital harmony of  the princess and the potential son-in-law candidates.

Actor Lee Seunggi plays the role of Seo Doyoon, a highly-gifted genius reader renown across the 8 provinces of Joseon era Korea.  Actress Shim Eunkyung plays the role of Princess Songhwa who refuses the royal family’s marriage plans and seeks out her own destiny.

Lee Seunggi expressed his confidence in the movie by stating, “The movie deals with destiny and compatibility, subject material that the majority of people like and are interested in, and equivalent to the thorough preparation and great chemistry among the actors and the director, a lot of people will be able to enjoy the movie.”

Shim Eunkyung also revealed, “Just like the ‘Goong Hap’ theme, varied colorful acting was able to come out since the acting compatibility with the actors was fantastic. And especially with actor Lee Seunggi, it was a fantastic pairing. I was really happy as I was able to work while gaining great strength and energy throughout filming.”

Director Hong Changpyo raised even more anticipation for the movie by expressing, “It felt like destiny in meeting the movie ‘Goong Hap.’ The acting chemistry of the two lead actors (Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung) was a perfect compatibility match, and also with the other actors who accurately portrayed their characters, I’m thankful to everyone.”

In addition to Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung, established character actors from tv and film Kim Sangkyung, Park Sunyoung, Yeon Woojin, Choi Wooshik, Cho Boklae also joined the movie, as well as CN Blue’s Kang Minhyuk and Shinee’s Minho.

via Donga, IS
Images: CJ Entertainment, Jupiter Films


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I was expecting a much more glossy stylized first still photo from the production team (even if this is only a behind the scenes last filming shot).  Especially considering that they’ve pretty much barred any photo releases during the 4-month filming of the movie.  Like Seo Doyoon’s costume is all wrinkled, as is Princess Songhwa’s!

But soon after, I actually liked the authentic, sageuk genre and ‘movie’ feel of the photo, typical of sageuk movies.  Even though this was the last scene filmed, I have a hunch that they didn’t necessarily film the movie in sequential order. Seeing their wrinkled costumes, I’m thinking this may be a scene from when Princess Songhwa runs away and Seo Doyoon goes to search and find her… and well let’s hope we get a lovely Joseon era kiss!

Eunkyung may only be 22 years old, but she looks so much more mature and I can’t wait to see her and Seunggi together!  Movie goers, unlike most tv drama watchers, expect good acting and I’m excited about the anticipation for the movie and the chemistry of the two leads.

Hope CJ Entertainment finds a way to treat fans with goodies throughout 2016, despite the movie’s scheduled release for fall 2016!


I also hope we get some good quality scenes of Seo Doyoon and the king, played by respected actor Kim Sangkyug.  In upcoming KBS sageuk drama, Kim Sangkyung plays the famous King Sejong (again; he previously played King Sejong in another drama) and supposedly has a lot of bromance scenes with Song Ilkook ㅎㅎㅎ

Per press articles, at the recent press conference for the KBS drama, when asked whether he had gotten used to doing sageuk, Kim Sangkyung said, “It’s an honor to play Kim Sejong, and having already played him previously in another drama, I was kind of worried.  I actually I think need to get away from it now.  In the movie I’m doing with Lee Seunggi, I also play a king. And during filming, when Lee Seunggi would say ‘King, I wasn’t able to do such and such…’ I jokingly teased him, ‘Really?’ and it was like he couldn’t look at me. It’s to that extent. So it’s not about getting used to this and playing king, I think I need to hurry up and get away from it! hehehe”

Seunggi~ you worked hard. Anticipating 2016!!!



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