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Na Youngseok PD, “Great to See Lee Seunggi’s Model Student Complex Disappear” (Interview) + Netizen Response

AnnMichelle (Thank you, as always!!!) already translated this buzzed-about article and netizen comments from Chinese to English at [Tryp96] Na PD Interview “Good to See Lee Seung Gi’s Model Student Complex Disappear”

Since there’s a few nuance differences in the article/comments and in Na PD’s interview excerpt when translated Korean-Chinese-English (and I had already started this^^), here’s another version to read as a supplement.  Because factual honest-to-good heartwarming stuff is worth reading again and again!


[September 19, 2015] Na Youngseok PD, “Great to See Lee Seunggi’s Model Student Complex Disappear” (Interview)
English: LSGfan via MyDaily/Naver

Uhm-Chin-Ah (Mom’s Friend’s Son), Ballad Prince, Entertainment’s Brain and more, these are all common descriptors for singer and actor Lee Seunggi. His handsome and smart image capturing passionate female fans with even his image of slight shortcomings (‘Heodang’ ways), makes Lee Seunggi perfect yet with friendly charms.

But in cable channel tvN’s ‘New Journey to the West’ there’s something different about Lee Seunggi. Whether directly commenting on his military service, one of entertainment’s most sensitive topics, or Lee Sugeun’s gambling, even Eun Jiwon’s divorce, he did so without any reservations.  He even grabbed veteran sunbae Kang Hodong by the collar in front of the cameras.  Indeed, in other words, ‘our Seunggi has changed.’

This kind of transformation in Lee Seunggi feels unfamiliar yet also interesting. Regarding this, Na Youngseok PD expressed, ‘It’s great to see.’  Why, because the process transformation of Lee Seunggi, who debuted as a fresh-faced 18-year old to the Lee Seunggi who has become an entertainment veteran approaching 30, is very natural.

Na PD, “Seunggi first joined ‘1 Night 2 Days’ at the age of 23 (should be 21) and back then he was truly a fresh young adult. I felt the same and so did the general public, we enthusiastically cheered because we liked that image. However as time passed, Lee Seunggi is approaching 30 (in non-Korean age, turns 29 in Jan. 2016) and although I don’t know for certain, but I believe he went through many things during that time. For anyone, there is change as one gets older and as expected, the same is true for Lee Seunggi. Honestly, as we were editing ‘New Journey to the West,’ we even considered whether we should filter some of Seunggi’s straightforward language and behavior, but we concluded that shouldn’t be the case.”

Hard to believe that “Next year, I have to either do military or go to prison” were words straight from Lee SeungGi’s own mouth.  His straightforward comments even completely flustered Kang Hodong.  It’s as if he had been totally holding out to participate in an internet platform broadcast and charged ahead only looking forward.  To the hapless Kang Hodong, Lee Seunggi advised “you can’t have any qualms about anything.”  To all of this, Na PD expressed “It’s really great to see.”

Na PD explained, “While a portion of the audience may anticipate him as only being courteous and well-mannered in front of the Hyungs, I wanted to show another side of Lee Seunggi that results with the passing of time.  Naturally, Seunggi always had a strict and model student complex for himself.  However, more recently, I’ve really enjoyed watching him a bit more free and lenient with himself.  It’s great to see that. Rather than being tied to a past image, it’s good to see him showing himself as he is now.  Therefore I told Seunggi to ‘comfortably do the show.'”

While it’s great to see the Lee Seunggi singing ballads on stage and the Lee Seunggi gently laughing in advertisements/commercials, seeing Lee Seunggi tease and threaten Kang Hodong on ‘New Journey to the West’ is also refreshing, and leaves us with a favorable impression.  As he has become more close and intimate with the public over time, [NJttW] feels as if he has become even more comfortable and natural rather than a sense of betrayal of hidden ways being now shown; thus, his small transformation is great to see.  This is the reason we anticipate Lee Seunggi  in ‘New Journey to the West,’ the Xuanzang Monk who leads his hyungs.  And as expected, Na PD emphasized that we can anticipate Lee Seunggi to match that.

Best Top Comments (on the article)

[+7615, -347] Lee Seunggi is the #1 contributor (#1 reason for public confidence) that has made New Journey to the West daebak. He leaves us with a first strong impression about New Journey to the West.

[+6396, -261] If he gave us gentleness in 1N2D, showing us vivid spirit in New Journey to the West was good to see. He is a person to anticipate and expect in the future as well

[+5413, -241] Seeing him formally equipped to carry the show is really great to see. It’s funny yet also endearing.

[+4524, -216] Seeing him with no fears about change and growth is great to see… I will always support Lee Seunggi!

[+4120, -211] Lee Seunggi having no reservations in New Journey to the West is fun

[+737, -73] He seems like a grounded person and seeing that openly is nice

[+714, -72] Is it because it’s Lee Seunggi, his strong words and behavior doesn’t give off a bad feeling but is fun… I will continue to support him

[+668, -61] Straightforward nature that doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable and not making for a bad mood Seunggi and his signature bright cheerfulness is great to see~ New Journey to the West fighting!! Lee Seunggi fighting

[+636, -62] Lee Seunggi is an intelligent entertainer who perfectly matches and takes on his role in any setting anywhere

[+588, -54] Makes me think seeing Lee Seunggi like this played a role in the success of New Journey to the West.  Because it wasn’t excessive and was humorous..ㅎ A young boy has at some point became a charming young man leading his hyungs… hereon, I’ll continue to anticipate his charming manner

8 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thanks for the wonderful translation. xxoo

    • ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ to you and of course Tryp leader-nim!!! And all the other truly amazing Airens everywhere spreading the Seunggi love~~~~^^

  2. Thank you so much, upvotes increased hehehe.
    Actually, I strongly believe SeungGi is fulfiling his promise to “make sacrifices for others and a show”, he received love and was pampered as the baby of 1n2d, now that his hyungs are in a critical situation, he’s here for them. I think adressing a problem is better than hiding, and we can already see people accepting LSGeun and hopefully, each hyung gets back on his feet.
    We’re proud of SeungGi, I’ll always feel like he’s my little brother needing my protection, tho he prouved he’s strong and manage himself in the best possible way. I think it’s because we love him so much. Fighting our brightest star <3
    Thank you LSGfan <3

    • Totally agree with everything. SeungGi has a sincere and trustworthy image, so when he acknowledge his hyungs mistakes, but in the same time work and show his support, public start to ‘open their heart and warming back’ to his hyungs. SeungGi is not only loyal to his hyungs in NJttW, but also showed his support to MC Mong. I feel so touch when I learned SeungGi encouraged Mong when Mong had depression.
      I seriously admired SeungGi’s personalities.

    • Same here. Right from the begining we know he will join NJttW, I can’t stop thinking about that touching letter he wrote about his hyungs in 1n2d. So, even though as fan I also have a lot of worries, I really anticipating to see some new side of him, and I know I’ll admire him more through this show.
      You know, I love watching SeungGi’s back. First of course because his back is so sexy :P, and another reason is I love to see this man grow. This man lean back carrying big weight since his young age. Make me want to protect him, hug him and tell him to rest a bit. But at the same time I can see this back with broad shoulder is so strong, he keep growing become a bigger person, and I can’t stop admire it. Now, through NJttW he made me become a proud fan again by just watching him grow. <3
      It's ok he didn't see me, but I'll keep watching this man grow from afar, because watching his strong back give me a lot of courage and motivation, and I already so thankful for it. I can only hope there will be always people he trust and comfortable with around him, for him to lean his back, because I know I can't. I can't even protect him wholly as fan, but I'll keep give him my support even though it just a little.

      Thanks for the translation <3

  3. Thank you for translating such a lovely article! Hope you can always translate every good article + netizens responses in the future. I will always support this awesome blog! :D

  4. Being popular at very young age and holding a perfect image in front of public’s eyes are very difficult. I am often worried how Lee Seung Gi will hold this burden on his shoulders but at the same keep being true to his own self, showing what he really loves to do and don’t. But his growth as a person and an entertainer over a decade has proved that he is indeed an amazing person. Seeing him grow naturally and in a way he himself really wants it makes me relieved. If I’m ever to meet him, I want to say “don’t ever try to hide your worries and your hard time, we are here to support whatever makes you happy, as your fan we don’t want to only receives happiness you give, above all we want to give you love and strength when you need. That’s what airen for”.

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