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Shim Eunkyung Sings ‘Oppa, You’re My Man’ Rendition of ‘GoongHap’ Partner Actor Lee Seunggi’s Debut Song

[September 16, 2015] ‘GoongHap’ Shim Eunkyung, Targeted Partner Lee Seunggi and Sang ‘Because You’re My Woman’ to Cheers
English: LSGfan via OSEN

At the kick-off production meeting for movie ‘GoongHap’, actress Shim Eunkyung drew attention by singing a passionate rendition of ‘Because You’re My Woman’ in front of partnering actor Lee Seunggi. Although she did an extraordinary job, on par with a movie OST, but to sing a singer’s representative song in front of him…

Earlier this month at the overnight kick-off gathering for movie ‘GoongHap’ in Kyeongido Gapyung, Shim Eunkyung showed off her singing skills.  After the traditional gosa ceremony of well-wishes for filming and dinner,  a singing contest with the actors and staff was next on the agenda.

As the music for the song that Shim Eunkyung chose to sing began to play, the 100 people there applauded in unison. The reason… it was the song in which Lee Seunggi had captured the hearts of noonas everywhere. However, the highlight was that Shim Eunkyung changed up the lyrics ‘because Noona you’re my woman’ with ‘because Oppa you’re my man.’ It was said that Shim Eunkyung’s wit drew laughter and cheers from the audience, including her mother.

According to one of the representatives for ‘GoongHap’, “Hearing his own song come out, Seunggi was the most happy” and added, “As the second verse began, Seunggi went up to the stage and stood behind Eunkyung waving both his hands, helping with the chorus. Just watching that was so sweet, a beautiful atmosphere that felt the movie would be smooth sailing.”

Although Shim Eunkyung seemed shy each time the lyrics would start, she didn’t miss the tone and beat and sang passionately through the end, garnering applause. It was said that she passed up on an encore and instead handed the mic over to Lee Seunggi, who was able to go right into singing without missing a beat, creating the best peak atmosphere.

Making his directorial debut through ‘GoongHap’, director Hong Changpyo shared, “Unscripted, it was so lovely to see the two lead actors orchestrate such a heartwarming ensemble,” adding “Although the next 3 months will probably be exhausting and rough, equivalent to the good actors and staff that have come together, I will do my best to ensure that this project will result in a movie that can exceed ‘Face Reader’.”

Fitting the personality of this second movie in the saguk divination series following Jupiter Film’s ‘Face Reader’ and taking into consideration the movie’s subject and sentiment, ‘GoongHap’ production filming began on the auspicious day of September 9 (9/9) at 9:09am in Gyeonggido Namyang.

Will we see this footage video later on?^^

And are we surprised that every single project Seunggi continues to choose has like the best filming atmosphere ever?!  I always loved that about Seunggi, that he does his best to create a great working environment.  Glad to hear that Shim Eunkyung was also game at the production team meeting.

I knew very little about Shim Eunkyung except that she was a Chungmuro darling young actress, following hit movies ‘Sunny’ and ‘Miss Granny’… And that she was involved in the low TV ratings unfortunate drama ‘Nodame’ or something like that.

Typically, I prefer when Seunggi works with similar peer or older actors, but in this case, I like Eunkyung’s past movie credentials.

Sneak peek of the ‘GoongHap’ gosa ceremony~
Is that Seunggi in the black t-shirt?^^


Ryu Hyeonsang:

From the production team behind Face Reader, the second movie in the divination series ‘GoongHap’ starring Lee Seunggi, Shim Eunkyung.

Now it starts!!

3 Responses

  1. is ot okay for me to ship them?? I so want a video of their singing, perhaps they’ll be kind enough to include it in the bts later? A girl can always dream!

    • Not sure how I feel about her yet though, as a person or acting with Seunggi. I mean I don’t have much to go on except this one press-released account.

      Noticed she has to a tendency to be a bit emo on her SNS, which is def NOT my thing.

      Trusting Seunggi on things, as usual^^

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