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CJ Entertainment to Distribute Sageuk Divination Series Movie ‘GoongHap’ – “Seunggi is Back”


Our❤️Seunggi is backㅎ

#Moviestagram #GoongHap
#LeeSeunggi #ShimEunkyung

9.9.2015 at 9:09 production filming start.
Have a hunch this will be the birth of the best divination sageuk following #FaceReader ^^

CJ Entertainment was the studio production team behind Seunggi’s debut first movie, Love Forecast (January 2015).  The movie reached its break-even-point, important considering a majority of the 2015 Korean movie releases this year did not.  Not all movies that generate significant box office numbers of movie goers reach the break-even-point netting a profit for studios.

Box office for 2015 Korean-released movies currently, as of September — Love Forecast is #11 on the list.  Beauty Inside (starring Han Hyojoo^^ and a gazillion other cameo-ish roles) recently overtook the top romantic comedy genre spot from Love Forecast for 2015.

Jupiter Film (part of Little Big Picture film alliance), the production team behind the saguek divination-themed movie series, produced and released Face Reader (October 2013) which was distributed by Showbox Mediaplex.

This time around, GoongHap — the second movie in the Jupiter Film saguek divination series — will be distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Production filming began on 9.9.2015 at 9:09am matched to the two movie leads Seunggi and Eunkyung’s destiny/fortune number^^

The movie script cover and temporary poster is really lovely~~~~ Love it!

And I’m still loving this photo of Seunggi at horseback riding practice♡

I have a feeling we won’t see many behind-the-scenes pics until much later since studios typically discourage filming photos and footage leaks early on…



Have a good weekend with the rain that is hurrying in the fall season~♡

#GoongHap #SeoDoYoon #HorsebackRidingPractice #NewJourneyToTheWestClickGoGoWeekend #behappy😉

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