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NJttW Press Conference – Lee Seunggi Snippets

After I got over my usual ‘I despise you Codi’ feels lol (especially after getting I Am Korea tailor-fit suited Seunggi just a few weeks ago!!!)… just couldn’t get enough of the NJttW press conference!  Already watched it a few times.

Full 1 hour 50 minutes English-subbed video is a must-see.  Who knew a press conference could be so fun yet so insightful?  Hilarious yet so heartwarming.  Definitely has a DVD director’s cut feel.

Watch [ENG] 9.1.2015 New Journey To The West – Production Press Conference:

And here’s a compilation of my tweets~  Seunggi-related highlights^^

►Watching 1hr50min NJttW press con on NaverTVcast, and wow Seunggi just simply exuding an air of class + heartwarming♥  Seunggi has such a heart of goldㅠㅠㅠ the way he affirms his Hyungs (who need it) with just a pat on the back or leg squeeze. I just can’t ㅠㅠㅠ

►When Seunggi pats Hodong or nods in agreement, or squeezes Sugeun’s leg or naturally laughs out loud at his jokes… omg I’m like 💕 💕 💕 #NJttW

►[Intro] Seunggi: Thank you to all the journalists here to support our NJttW success. I feel we are starting with a lot of love and interest. It’s been about 5yrs and we had a wonderful trip. I believe we’ll bring big laughter so please watch w/ a lot of affection.

►’Blue rain poncho fashion shoot’ photo talk. omg EJW is way TMI, explains Seunggi’s serious hand covering face pose was tummy ache pain lol.  Suguen’s story how someone gave him an umbrella, only to be told he must give it to ‘Seunggi oppa’ b/c too many other fans were crowding ㅋㅋㅋ

►Aw Seunggi’s response about great team chemistry when asked a Netizen question about it. So sincere. And deep. I can watch him talk all day.

►NaPD: This program concept came about naturally one day. Before we attached NJttW name, it was actually Seunggi who came up with the idea. Seunggi and I meet up often. One day he says we should do a trip like old times. We discussed how it’d be a waste if we didn’t filmㅋㅋㅋ NJttW is different from the other tvN programs (3MaD/GoF series) in that those are more like reality shows while this is real variety.

►lol Sugeun wears real shocking device. When he misbehaves, Seunggi Monk character is supposed to shock him but he couldn’t do that to his Hyung.  Seunggi didn’t have the heart to ‘shock’ his Hyung even when he ‘misbehaved’ but EJW had no qualms and went nuts with it, using it often ㅋㅋㅋ

►Asked if they’d like to take on another character, Seunggi says he’s happy w/ Monk but would go 50-50 w/ EJW on the shock device next time^^ Seunggi says shock device aspect is fun. Then goes public announcement mode to assure us it’s not dangerous~ since Suguen returned alive lol

►Hodong randomly busts out ZhuBajie dance~ NaPD: We told him repeatedly to stop it! Seunggi (deadpans): This kind of thing you’ll get to see.

►Hodong: I realized time passed lots because back w/ 1n2d, when you think ‘Seunggi’ it was mainly ‘young wholesome adult’ but thru this trip… Seunggi was leading all 3 hyungs! Like he’s become some strong force adult! Seeing him lead was very memorable to me.

►Asked it must’ve been hard to go from Maknae to Leader, Seunggi: Of course since it’s not like I have the wisdom to be the leader. #SoHumble. 

►But Hodong is super serious like no way!!! when Seunggi humbly says it’s not like he has the wisdom to be leader lol. Seunggi laughs it off.

►Seunggi: KHD Hyung skipped cable, went straight from regular tv to internet; it’s a transition. It’s the 1st time I saw him discombobulated.  Maybe because me and NaPD have worked together already guesting or accommodating others, I was a bit more settled in for this trip…  Since NJttW trip filming was continuous without in-between starts/stops, the jokes, warmth, good feels among us came out naturally.

►Sugeun: Hyung gave me such strong energy, and Jiwon, Seunggi are dongsengs but gave me such supportive encouragement~ that was huge for me.

►Hodong: As this was new, I was nervous. But maknae Seunggi tapped the shoulder of shaking Hodong, said ‘Hyung you can do it’ encouraging me. I felt so grateful. I leaned on him and our maknae Seunggi never showed burdensome feelings. He epitomized a strong reliable maknae.

►And per usual for Seunggi, he embarrassingly humbly laughed as Hodong, in super serious mode awed and extolled Maknae’s leadership virtues^^ LadyMC: [with Seunggi’s strong leadership] did a lot of his ‘heodang’ ways disappear? Hodong: Huh? Oh that’s always continually there lolㅋㅋㅋ

►NaPD: Since we didn’t have time beforehand and due to circumstances (Sugeun participating), we hope to get CF sponsors if we do this again. If we had gotten CF sponsors, some may not be happy if someone, such as Sugeun ate their product on the show #EveryoneLaughs #ItsTruth

►omg NaPD being so straight up honest, laughing said they tried hard to include a lot of brands and shout-outs to get sponsors for next time.  Sugeun tells story how he won a game, deliciously ate Nongshim ramen and could imagine the company not being happy when there’s Seunggi lol.

►NaPD: It’s like BokBulBok. Coca-cola was really fortunate, right? Seunggi drank it so deliciously. That brand will like it but w/ Suguen…lol

►Seunggi: There’s some of this/that person best showcases a brand but it’s a game, all real (in PDmode) For interested companies, contact us.

►hmmm NaPD and Seunggi with all their talk about trying to lure brand sponsorship for ‘next time’ act as if there’s a 2nd trip… #WaitAndSee

►Asked about moving 1stMtg 3xs, NaPD half jokes if they did anything wrong it’s working w/ Sugeun; Seunggi gives him supportive leg squeeze^^

►NJttW will release FIVE approx.10min-videos Fridays 10am, NaverTVcast. Each clip will be a stand-alone segment but related to overall trip.  NaPD: There’s no plans to broadcast the NJttW on TV, but may consider compiling five 10-min clips into 50-min episodes for a TV broadcast.

►[End] Seunggi: I hope the program does well and I hope it can be a little bit of happiness in your everyday life. Hope it brings big laughs. Younger people can easily watch on smartphones but older parents may not be as adept. If you enjoy please promote/share links. And if our journalists could write a lot about how to watch the program that would be great. We put ourselves in your hands 👍

►NaPD: NJttW = ‘And so it happened’~ Talking w/ Seunggi, the idea came about. We decided to film it. Use a different platform. Went to China. What’s important is we’re making a variety program to bring laughter to people. We see that as our main responsibility. Please enjoy 👍

►Only translated Seunggi press-con parts but I’m SO excited to see whole NJttW gang this Friday! and seriously, how amazing is our Seunggi?!💕

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