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[Netizen Response] NJttW Press Conference Full Video

Watch [ENG] 9.1.2015 New Journey To The West
Production Press Conference: 


2015.09.01 NJttW Press Conference Full Video Revealed!
BEST comments (top thumbs up)
English: LSGfan via NaverTVcast

[+946, -133] May 1n2d’s golden members hit daebak yet again. Kinda broke my heart to hear their sincere admissions that ultimately, the youngest (maknae) Lee Seunggi would encourage and pat the hyungs on the back, giving them courage. Hoping that despite the hard circumstances, the wonderful relations will continue through the end. New Journey to the West fighting!!

[+664, -82] Guess we can watch New Journey to the West with a light heart and happily…. Class and consideration and wit are evident in Lee Seunggi’s words

[+508, -62] Now this is a first, having fun watching a press conference…. really anticipating New Journey to the West

[+428, -68] Finally it’s been uploaded

[+374, -57] The general public is for New Journey to the West

[+346, -48] Why. Why. Why. What is this that we can’t watch on tv.

[+321, -44] Full video♡♡♡♡

[+290, -37] It’s not even TV where you have to pay money and they said to watch if you feel drawn to it so why all this talk… seriously when seeing comments disputing others, the irony that this country should really be happy but that it’s not… rather than arguing how others live, why not use that time on one’s own walk. New Journey to the West fighting~!!!!

[+279, -40] Rooting for everyone~

[+272, -38] So it’ll be on Friday. I’ll be watching after work

[+174, -11] Why are you asking a Yoo Jaesuk related question at another program’s press conference you trash journalists

[+151, -26] Totally anticipating New Journey to the West!!

[+148, -27] Watched this before I went to sleep

[+144, -21] Now that the press conference has finished, all that’s left is to watch real-time. Let it be total daebak.

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