[Articles] Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung Confirmed for Sageuk Movie ‘Goong Hap’

Seunggi hinted there were things to come…^^

Each of these articles provides some good tidbits about the movie and two lead characters. I’m really loving Seunggi’s ‘Seo Doyoon’ character role!!  And the storyline sounds so fresh and interesting. I haven’t seen any of Shim Eunkyung’s movies or dramas and don’t know anything about her… except that she is well-known to be a very good actress, particularly in the movie world despite only being 21 years old. She gives me a little bit of ‘Kim Samsoon’ vibe^^

Well you know, I always respect talented people so I’m looking forward to getting to know Shim Eunkyung.  Glad Seunggi continues to work with good actresses and I’m really curious to see their chemistry… because as we know, our guy is the expert in that and his couplings are always love!

I’ve seen multiple Eng-translated titles, so hopefully we’ll get some sort of official English title soon for ‘Goong Hap.’

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  1. Thanks for all the translations…….nice to see you posting again.

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