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[Eng Sub] Producer Ep 6 – Lee Seunggi Cameo Part 1, ‘Good Image’ Lee Seunggi Runs Into IU

(video: DramaFever)

ok this is seriously LOL LOL LOL LOL.

The return of CAMEO Lee Seunggi………!!!!!

playing, more like parodying, pristine ‘Good Image’ Lee Seunggi ㅋㅋㅋ

Total throwback to Seunggi’s ‘Best Love’ cameo from 3 years ago in 2011!

Going into 11th year in the K-entertainment industry since his 2004 debut, our guy is still the same awesome and sincere guy at heart, to the point that people are still shocked by it lol.  But of course way more mature and accomplished now!

Hope people can have more modest expectations of him, especially in comparison to other K-celebs for whom public expectations are far lower… says a lot about Seunggi!

So hope there’s less pressure on him, especially after he returns from military service. Excited even more for the Lee Seunggi we’ll get to see in the coming years!

ok seriously, though~~~~~~~ The Gathering of Celebrities with Good Images!!! omg this should create a future variety program with Jaesuk, Seunggi, Sean, and others! And it would be a show that brings laughs and warm-hearted feels, as well as attention to charitable causes!

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