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[ENG] 6.7.2015 MBC Happy Time: Happy Ranking #1 Lee Seunggi Cameo for ‘Best Love’

Read English translation…

June 7, 2015 – MBC Happy Time
English: LSGfan, Video: MBCentertainment

Drama “Best Love” with Cha Seungwon and Gong Hyojin~ Leaving everyone in the dust, there was a top star cameo appearance…

M: Why are you here?!
F: Wow it’s really Lee Seunggi!
(cue Seunggi’s song “Because You’re My Woman” lol)

Precisely… Lee Seunggi!  Lee Seunggi appeared via cameo playing the role of Lee Seunggi himself.

F: Hello! I’m truly an Lee Seunggi fan! Can I shake your hand?
Seunggi: Ah yes, thank you.
M: Wait a second, Lee Seunggi also wears the same scarf?
F: It’s the same~

Seunggi: (dual parodying Dokkojin character and his own pristine Lee Seunggi imageㅋㅋㅋ) This……! Is this a scarf that dog or mackerel or anyone wears???!!! What use is it if anyone can wear it! I cannot wear this!

Actually, first widespread rumored to take on the lead actor role for Best Love, Lee Seunggi appeared later on…

Seunggi: I AM Lee Seunggi!… Do not come into my safety zone.

Imitating Dokkojin via Lee Seunggi cameo acting.
(Seunggi-Dokkojin hilariously pretending to be BFFs, smiling and hugging it out for the fans and public lol~ “We are so truly likeable!!!”)

Cameo acting~ also topstar level. Best Love cameo Lee Seunggi is #1~

[MBC Happy Time] Happy Ranking – Cameos

Full ranking list (obviously all MBC programs^^):

1. Best Love – Lee Seunggi
2. Queen of the Housewives – Kim Seungwoo, Infinity Challenge team
3. Triangle – Chu Sunghoon
4. Lights and Shadow – Seungri, Cha Taehyun
5. High Kick – Sung Shikyung
6. Angry Mom – Kim Kwangkyu, Kim Youngchul
7. Then And Me – SES, Shinhwa members, Choi Jiwoo
8. Woman Who Still Wants To Marry – Lim Changjung

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