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[ENG] 5.31.2015 Lee Seunggi Video Message on the Filming Set of His Upcoming 6th Album MV

Read English translation…

May 31, 2015 – Seunggi’s greeting to Airens from MV filming set
English: LSGfan, Video (edited version): ashoka1006 via leeseunggi.com
(Thx for editing the sunlight so we get to see Seunggi’s face more clearly^^)

Hello all Airens. Happy to meet you, it’s Lee Seunggi.

Right now… it’s the very hot filming music video set of my 6th album’s title song. Everyone’s busy and it’s a bit empty right now, but make sure to check out for yourselves how this space will appear in the music video.

In June, I plan to find you with an album I’ve been preparing for a long time. So, to the extent to which all of you have been excited and awaiting, I fully trust this album will be a good gift. You’re going to show a lot of love, right~?! ㅋㅋㅋ (Seunggi’s signature laugh^^)

Really, for anyone and more than anyone, the fans who have liked me for a long time, I hope this will be an album that will comfort you, and at times strengthen you and bring happiness.

Be happy. It will be released soon, so please be waiting..

So… coming soon!
(love it when Seunggi busts out the English^^)

hmmm very curious as to what the music video will be like…

And what the title song will be.  Exciting.

Really can’t wait to hear Seunggi’s new music and his lovely voice!

Weird to think I knew him first as an actor, and didn’t even know he was a singer^^

3 Responses

  1. Looking Forward

  2. Same here. Love His english speaking :0D
    sweet Oppa, So handson!

  3. laying in waitttttttttt!!!!!! LSG!!!

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