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5.30.2015 Hook Entertainment Opens Lee Seunggi Official IG, 6th Album Release Date Set For June 10, 2015


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Hello #이승기 #leeseunggi #6집앨범

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Echoing the sentiments of Airens who’ve been around for a while…

omg, what’s gotten into Hook?!~~~^^ Opening an official instagram account for Seunggi. Then, actually posting great BTS pics of Seunggi prepping for his album!

Just like Seunggi, Hook keeping the official IG account very classy^^

Per Seunggi’s comments at the Severance Hospital Family Concert, Hook President Kwon has overcome the more serious health scare aspects. Whew.

Wishing the best for Captain Hook’s full recovery.

And also the best to Seunggi, who must’ve been going through so much recently… our amazing guy juggling everything with signature class and grace^^

Can’t wait to hear his new 6th album songs! 6.10.2015.

And Seunggi on his music video filming set with makeup and hair stylists…^^
I really love the hair and suit look! Reminder to self— management of expectations!!!


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  1. Lee Seung Gy has Voice which is very Warm.Sweet.clear. Very cute, manly, strong. A perfect man. I very like his eyes in romance scences in romance films, very beautiful.emotion

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