[ENG] 2015.2.21 KBS Dong Heng Ep 8 – Seunggi Surprises a Hardworking Dad And His Two Sons

(video: Jessica Jai)

February 21, 2015. Seunggi cut of KBS Dong Heng ‘Lunar New Year Special’ — Seunggi surprises Sangyoon at his rural village middle school on graduation day, and celebrates together over a meal with his father and brother.  Later, he returns to join the volunteers who’ve come together to build a new home for Dad Hongchul and his two sons, and the newborn calves^^

Also, full video of episode 8 “Re-writing the Hope Diary of a Father and Two Sons”

Even if you don’t understand Korean, you can get the main gist of their touching and inspirational story. KBS Dong Heng, a documentary program aimed at telling the stories of struggling families and raising awareness and welfare support on their behalf, previously broadcast the story of Dad Hongchul and his two sons.

Despite their hardships — Dad Hongcul being deaf and recently injuring his eyes at work, Mom having passed away due to illness, and their living conditions being very poor — loving Dad Hongchul works hard for his sons, and brothers Sangyoon and Sangmin support and worry for their dad in return.

On this Lunar New Year special episode, they go back to visit Dad Hongchul and his sons after the first broadcast aired and see that his small street vendor business has many more customers after locals saw and heard his story.  Also, volunteers and supporters have contributed and come together to build a new home for the family of three and clean up and repair the area.

Seunggi, who has been with and supported the KBS Dong Heng program since 2009, said he too saw the previous broadcast about Dad Hongchul and his two sons and was deeply moved by their story and came because of them.


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  1. Seung Gi is really a great person. He truely inspires me to be better. I hope the best for him.

    Him using sign lagnuage warmed my heart, it’s such a small gesture that made me melting completly.

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