Seunggi Charms With Omorovicza via Belport Korea #LoveYourSkin #Classy #Trustworthy #PremiumQuality

Sticking with my fave-kinda-weekend stuffs theme~ catching up with friends, drinking lots of coffee, browsing for awesome skincare products… I’m excited about trying out Omorovicza^^ #LSGfan #CatchingUp #MarleyCoffee #Omorovicza

Love the main Omorovicza promo photo~ Thank you for making Seunggi NOT button-up his shirt for once lol. Lovely collar bones are meant to be seen, especially the healthy non-scary clavicle kind!

Pic with more of the top-half showing…. we need full-figure version please.

More in the same shirt… but this time at a chic restaurant, you know the way any of us would lol… with a $380 Omorovicza Gold Rescue Cream alongside our delicious looking entree and mineral water ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  #PremiumQualityCostsMoney

Um, someone is still keeping up his workout regimen^^

CF Seunggi being his per usual charming self~~~~
this time with Omorovicza added in^^

Our Seunggi still the same after all these years… #AsExpected

“Classy and trustworthy”

[Tryp96] 2014.12.24 Omorovicza appoints actor Lee Seung Gi as exclusive model

Belport announced on December 24 that actor Lee Seung Gi has been appointed as the exclusive CF model for Hungary’s thermal water mineral cosmetics ‘Omorovicza’.

Lee Seung Gi will become active as Omorovicza’s CF model starting next January. As cosmetics made with Hungary’s thermal water, 16 Omorovicza products including mist, cream, essence and etc. are currently sold at Belport stores.

Belport explains, “We expect that Lee Seung Gi’s classy and trustworthy image can convey very well Omorovicza’s quality and premium value, that’s why we’ve chosen him as the model.”

source: hankyung via nate

Behind the scenes photos:

Images: Belport, Tryp96

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