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[ENG] 1.17.2015 MBC News – Fierce Movie Competition, Hwang Jungmin, Lee Seunggi, Ha Jungwoo + Commentary

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1.17.2015 MBC Entertainment News Today
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Actors Hwang Jungmin, Lee Seunggi, Ha Jungwoo. The three actors representing our country, will be in fierce competition at movie theaters this weekend.

Taking the #1 spot at the box office this past January 15 was Love Forecast and Lee Seunggi. Ode To My Father with Hwang Jungmin, which is headed toward a total audience of 11 million, went from its #1 spot to #2. Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, directed by and starring Ha Jungwoo, came in at #3.

In terms of advanced ticket sales, Ode to My Father was at #1 with 25.5% of the ticket shares, followed by Love Forecast, then Chronicles Of A Blood Merchant, creating fierce competition at the theater.

1.15.2015 THURS – Korean Box Office, DAILY Audience/Tickets

#1 Love Forecast = 153,219
#2 Ode To My Father = 144,994
#3 Chronicles of A Blood Merchant = 83,965
#4 Night At The Museum 2 = 77,409
#5 Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and Cocoon = 32,724

Source: Korean Film Council

Ode To My Father (OTMF) is one of THOSE special Korean movies.  The kind that people of all ages, together with their friends, families go see. And very special to Koreans because it marks key events in our history.  When it first came out, there were a lot of comparisons to Forest Gump (an American gem).

This review does a pretty good job at describing the sentimentality of the movie:
[Dramabeans] Movie Review: Ode to My Father (2014) | by refresh_daemon

OTMF opened on December 17, 2014 during the key winter holiday season and it’s been pretty much unstoppable, and still going strong.  It’s reached the #9 spot among Korean movies with the highest ticket sales in Korean box office history.

Love Forecast and Chronicles of a Blood Merchant (COABM) were both slated to open on January 15, Thursday.  But a few weeks prior, COABM moved up its release date to January 14th, looking to get a leg-up by one day.  However, only a few days prior to opening day, Love Forecast also moved up one day so it cold compete head-on.

Although there’s a lot of buzz around Love Forecast – it’s Seunggi’s first movie debut and on top of that, as a lead (it’s also Chaewon’s first movie as a lead) – I couldn’t believe CJ Entertainment (film distributor, also for OTMF) was going to try to compete with COABM and film veterans Ha Jungwoo and Ha Jiwon!  Especially with Love Forecast being a romantic-comedy, a genre that doesn’t typically do big numbers at the Korean box office.

But wow, Love Forecast totally held its own against COABM and the mammoth OTMF!  It’s still early though, so we’ll see if it can sustain ticket sales. Gangnam 1970 with Lee Minho and Kim Raewon opens Jan. 21 and it’s not competing with any other high-profile same-day release Korean movies.

Box office, like tv ratings, involves a lot of external factors – word of mouth, rival movies, etc. – in addition to storyline, production, and quality acting.

And with Love Forecast, reviews from the critics have been mixed, meaning —

The acting of the two leads (Seunggi, Chaewon) and their chemistry have been unanimously praised, with most saying it’s pretty much the only reason the movie is worth seeing. lol. Chaewon’s charming portrayal of the standout sassy but lovable Hyunwoo character is getting major love, as is Seunggi’s natural portrayal of the naive and persevering Junsoo character. And their chemistry seems to save the movie.

The majority of the critics have pointed to problems in the storyline, primarily the main premise of the movie – a ‘some’ relationship.  They state that the movie does not depict a ‘some’ relationship, one in which a guy and girl are seemingly interested in one another but haven’t acknowledged their feelings yet, but is more of a one-sided love relationship story where only the guy is in love with the girl for most of the movie and not vice-versa.  Critics have also noted some cheesy dialogue and not very good acting from some of the other cast members.

Comments from movie-goers have been almost identical to that of the critics (minus the obvious Anti and Fan-driven comments!), but of course said in more blunt ways lol, such as:

If not for Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon, I would not watch this movie.

They should have left out some of the side characters, cut out 20 minutes, and focused more time on the main couple being in a real relationship.

Chaewon is so pretty, Seunggi is so cute. They’re great together.

Acting of the leads and their chemistry is great. That’s about it.

All in all, movie-goers like the movie because it fits the bill of a typical romantic comedy where the leads act well, are cute and funny – as evidenced by the box office numbers so far.  Seunggi and Chaewon, during the stage greetings are telling the audience to just simply enjoy the movie, to laugh and be touched in thinking about our loved ones around us more.

Glad to see the acting and chemistry getting all the love~ Very important!

Let’s hope Love Forecast can keep going strong!!!

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7 Responses

  1. Reminds me of YAAS where you have CSW and LSG and their amazing chemistry and Go Ara and LSG with an OTP people really liked and do NOTHING with it for the majority of the drama. The movie would have gotten better reviews just being about the two of them and cut out the other two guys and girls.

    As for some of the never acted before actors, ah can I just say I feel they were put in there because they knew they could rely on Chae Won and Seunggi to carry them so they figured they’d get them some exposure.

    Chae Won and Seunggi did their job though. I hope for a drama reunion for them eventually. One where the writer actually carries some of the weight instead of relying on the stars to do it for them lol

  2. Not even Jung Joon Young was criticized about his crap acting in the movie, I even saw some critics criticized about Lee Seo Jin’s scenes (“some” story with Hyun Woo/Moon Chae Won) too, they said it was kinda cheesy, cheap, ect,.. and said that Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won with the bomb chemistry was the savior of the movie.

  3. I hope it will keep up at this rate and stay stay stable for one month just like OTMF

  4. can i ask the name of song that Moon Chae Won sang when she drunk ?

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