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2015.1.8 ‘Love Forecast’ VIP Movie Screening – Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon

Jan. 8, 2015. Love Forecast VIP movie screening photos. They seemed much more relaxed by this time. After a very long day of press screening, interviews, recordings! And we got a wardrobe change. Looks like Seunggi’s sweater is angora material because it’s super fuzzy! It’s nice but I always want a much more fitted, tailored, non-old-school look lol. Chaewon’s sequined dress… interesting. Either way, love these two together. Love Forecast opens in Korea today~ Jan 14th!! #SoExciting

Always love pics from this fan!
I seriously want to hug Seunggi really tight in his fuzzy sweater!

Really like these fan pics too~~~~~~ they look great together.
Totally fitting the bill – upstanding classic Seunggi and flirty playful Chaewonㅋㅋㅋ
(Sorry but couldn’t help but to crop the other people out of the photos)^^

Some press pics~~~~~~~ cute cute.
Cast arriving for the evening VIP movie screening.

At the party after the screening~~~~~~~~~
Seunggi so chill and laid back. Probably SO happy the day is over^^

Images: Naver, As labeled (cropped by me), Twitter

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4 Responses

  1. I really wish some of girl’s generation members would have come to the VIP screening for support. Although yoona couldn’t make it because of her schedule in china. Actually i think even though she was in Korea that day she wouldn’t go :( I mean Sistar Bora and Kara’s Hara came for support Seung gi oppa

    • Why would snsd attend the VIP screening? I can’t recall any of them working with seunggi in the past…if it’s to justify so that yoona can have some sort of “representation” or proxy, that ain’t happening. This is his first movie and I seriously doubt he would want attention to be diverted to his personal life. Seriously..some shippers.
      And as I recall, Bora worked with him on his concert so I would think of that as a legit reason for supporting him on his career events.

      • Why did you take it like it is something so bad i don’t get it ? It was just something that i thought. And also I said that for supporting seung gi oppa ! And actually he kinda worked with all of SNSD members. They were all guest in strong heart before also in some 1n2d episodes they were in or mentioned. you can see them if you look the things like that. Yes, they collabrated with Bora in 2013 concert and I really loved their dance also in 2012 she came strong hearts couple episode also when seung gi oppa is a solo MC. So what is your comment on Hara they only knew each other from strong heart days yet she came to support him for his movie?? So don’t get something wrong I just want everyone to support him and congragulate him like all Airens do.!.

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    Images: Naver,
    As labeled

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