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2015.1.8 ‘Love Forecast’ Press Screening – Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon

Jan. 8, 2015. Love Forecast press screening photos. Can’t believe the movie officially opens in Korea today~ Jan. 14th, one day right after Seunggi’s Jan. 13th birthday!

Press Video – Photo time + Chaewon talking about how the kiss scene they had to do within four days after filming began was most memorable to her.

(video: SSTVnews)

That tie thing and velvet embroidery jacket……. Wae?  But love the fit on the pants and the clean chic waste lining!! no ajusshi pants and clunky belt~ thank you!

Still don’t get why he didn’t wear this very perfectly suited Seunggi look for the press screening part and interviews.  But at least he seems to have worn it for some other recordings~

I like seeing Seunggi and Chaewon dressed up like this together^^

Images: As labeled, Naver

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