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[ENG] Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon Invite Singles to Love Forecast Screening ‘Campus-ting’ Dating Event

More suited-up Seunggi with Chaewon… both so lovely with an invitation to yet another event, this time related to dating site, Campus-ting. How appropriate~^^ Read English translation…

Invitation to Love Forecast Screening ‘Campus-ting’ Date
English: LSGfan, Video: Kim Jinuk

LSG: Hello: We’re Love Forecast’s Lee Seunggi~
MCW: And Moon Chaewon.

LSG: No more of the ‘some’ stuff being a solo~ If you want to have a warm winter with sweet love…
MCW: Then participate in the Love Forecast movie screening date with popular guys and girls from Campus-ting.

LSG: Love Forecast, in 2015, will pak-pak push your love and dating! Everyone, in the new year, stop the ‘some’~~~~
LSG-MCW: And date for real!

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