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[Photo Stills + Article] Running Man Ep 229 Preview – Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon Couple Mission and Backhug

omg Seunggi and Chaewon!!! Running Man needs to air ALL footage for this scene!  And they better broadcast the stuff as outlined below in the preview… #CantWait

[OSEN] ‘Running Man’ Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon, Comical Backhug… “Actively Engaged Beyond Imagination”
English: LSGfan via Daum/Osen

Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon appear again on SBS ‘Running Man,’ radiating playful and lively charms of a ‘new body gag couple.’

On today’s (January 11th) broadcast of SBS ‘Running Man’ Episode 229, continuing from last week’s January 4th broadcast, Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon couple will mobilize and plan to showcase the ‘end of variety as we know it part 2’ of the trend actors.

Above all, while Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon were executing their couple mission during the filming, they showed off ‘playful body gags’ that were unplanned and garnered attention. In the ‘Novel Couple’ mission, there was a situation in which an intimate and delicate atmosphere was created where Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon attempted the ‘ideal among lovers’ backhug. However, the loose stance in which Lee Seunggi attempted the backhug created a sea of laughter on set, also Moon Chaewon fell over backward showing off her body gag.

Not only that, the two showed their ‘lovey-dovey’ sweet chemistry as a same-aged couple, causing envy among the members as well as the staff. During the couple mission at the beach, Moon Chaewon full of aegyo looked toward Lee Seunggi crying out, “Seunggi-ya, hurry and come here!” At this, Lee Seunggi strongly responded, “Wait! I’ll be right there!” like that of a strong dependable boyfriend, creating a heart-fluttering atmosphere.


According to the production, “Even more so than the previous week, the active engagement of perfectly unified Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon couple was beyond what we imagined and created big laughs and fun,” adding, “there will be a cheerful, delightful race totally beyond viewers’ expectations. Please show a lot of interest and support.” The program will broadcast on January 11th at 6:10pm.

Aw matching jackets from the Firstlook Outdoor line~~~

And they are also joined by Seojin (also appearing in Love Forecast).
Just hope they at least get LOVE FORECAST effectively promoted…
Instead of only Seunggi and Chaewon being all cute and hilarious^^

Images: SBS, Naver, Twitter

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7 Responses

  1. thanku for this ^^

    i’m gonna miss them bigtime after they conclude promoting T.T

  2. I really hope that this time they won’t cut seung gi and chae won’s lovey dovey parts like they did in previous episode :( Also i sincerely want that they would reveal the deleted scenes cut from previous week’s episode…

    • i hope so, it’s a bit regret for cutting scene in previous episode.. i have searched and downloaded in every blog i know if there’s a complete scene on ep 228, but like a stupid I got nothing, :-D :-D

      • Yes, me too i searched in a lot of other sites for longer episode but couldn’t so I hope they release deleted seung gi-chae won cuts from ep 228 and ep 229 together. That would be daebak :)

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  4. wats the song name during 25 min ?

  5. would appreciate if anyone could name the song at the 25min mark!

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