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[ENG] 2015.1.10 Ha Jiwon Talks Lee Seunggi at Singapore Fan Meet, Greeted With His Video Message

English translation of Jiwon talking about her acrophobia (same fear of heights as Seunggi and overcoming it just like him~), working with Seunggi on The King 2 Hearts, and his video message for her first Singapore fan meet… #TK2H #Hearties

Jan. 10, 2015 – Ha Ji Won Fan Meet in Singapore
English: LSGfan, Video: mylastwishes95

Starting at 7:05~

HJW: Actually, it’s a secret but I have acrophobia (I didn’t know this! Just like Seunggi!). But I really like action so much and wanted to film that [wire scene]. So to overcome this, I practiced many many times so the fear will go away. So now, I may be the best actor in Korea who can do wire scenes!
MC: But seriously, you have acrophobia?
HJW: Yes, really. Really! I can’t even ride scary rides at the amusement park. So before filming that action scene, I repeatedly practiced with the stunt team. I love action.
MC: That’s the spirit. She’s showing us that even if there’s something you’re afraid of, you need to overcome it and do well. Don’t you think she’s showing us a wonderful fighting spirit?
ALL: Ha Ji Won fighting!!!
HJW: In the future, I’ll continue to overcome my acrophobia and show you a lot of action scenes.

MC: You see, she is so gorgeous and graceful at the moment, but she fights and challenges like a man. And speaking of men, I have a question now, a very important question to all of us… You have worked with many actors like Hyunbin, Jo Insung, So Jisup, Lee Seunggi! Among them, who do you think was your best partner?

HJW: Too hard…

(omg MC fangirling on her at saying the names of the guy actors again that Jiwon has to go over and tell her it’s ok, to calm down, relax. lol)

HJW: Honestly for me, they all matched well with me. But particularly in the case of Secret Garden, because my character had to swap roles with Hyunbin, you can’t help but to get close, and since we got to know one another that way, I think the match was good. Also, do you all know the drama The King 2 Hearts?
ALL: Yes!
HJW: I filmed that with Lee Seunggi. I tend to have bursting energy on set, but Lee Seunggi, similar to me has that bright energy. So whether we were filming all night long into the morning or filming a hard scene, we comforted one another and had fun filming. And, we also shared something in common… seeking out tasty restaurants! So we shared a lot of tasty restaurants with one another.

(ok that translator girl like said something totally different lol)

MC: I know Lee Seunggi is filming 2 Days 1 Night…? So he knows a lot of tasty places.
HJW: 1 Night 2 Days.
MC: So he knows all the good food places as well.
HJW: Yes.

MC: So you’re saying that Lee Seunggi was your best partner among all the partners you worked with? Is it?! Well since you feel so good about Lee Seunggi, but does Seunggi-shi feel the same way about Jiwon-shi?
HJW: Oh really?
MC: We have prepared a surprise video for all of you!

12:30~ Cue to Seunggi’s video message~~~~~~~~~
(Aw as expected…. only as Seunggi can do. See translation below)

Seunggi and Jiwon are really so similar in personality. Did not know that she too has acrophobia! Maybe Seunggi channeled her fighting spirit when he filmed the Gryo Drop like 37 times for Love Forecast!

So glad their awesome The King 2 Hearts experience and memories live on even now.  And among the fans. This is why no matter what kind of project you do, the quality of individual acting and chemistry is perhaps the most important. Because that’s a respect and relationships that’s undeniable, and cherished forever.

Jaeha and Hangah~~~  and Seunggi and Jiwon~~~

Miss you!!! #TK2H #Hearties

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11 Responses

  1. The king 2 hearts is one of my favourite drama even now :) love the chemistry between them (nang-ki~~fridge kiss) and seung gi oppa’s acting was daebak :)

  2. How I wish he does another amazing drama like king 2 hearts who hit great success like brilliant legacy before going to you-know-where :'(

  3. Oww don’t make me remember :( But it is still uncertain maybe he will go next year ??

  4. Actually my other number 1 drama from Lee Seung Gi oppa is you are all surrounded and his acting and the chemistry between his co-star go ara is perfect :) Even though they didn’t win any award (which was ridiculous) drama was number one in its time-slot and also on June 25, representatives from the drama announced that “You’re All Surrounded” has reached over 200 million views on the streaming site QQ Video, and is ranked as the third most viewed drama in the website, besting other top Chinese dramas in the count. (http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/26378/20140625/youre-all-surrounded-reaches-200-million-views-in-china.htm)

  5. I very like Lee Seung Gy- Hyun Bin-Jo In Sung with Ha Ji Won. They, show romance in film with Ha Ji Won very Beautiful

  6. A drama with park shin hye is all i want from him

  7. Thank you Ann …. It’s been couple of years since TK2H, but still very fond of with both SeungGi and JiWon’s acting in that drama. And to learn both of them speak fondly about each other, make me miss JaeHa-HangAh so much ^^

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